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Produced with the assistance of the ABC-Film Victoria Multimedia Production Accord

Film Victoria

ABC Executive Producer:Fergus Pitt
Accord Fund Manager:Natalie Lapham
Digital Media Fund Manager:Amelia King
Manager Commissioning and Coproductions:Domenic Friguglietti

2002 Australian broadcasting corporation. film victoria and transience

Transience Presents
produced by Transience

director/animator:Dave Jones
Producer:Jill McLeod
Sound effects/music:Al MacInnes


This is Joe. Chasmton's leading activist. A dyname of productivity. A real shaker and a mover. A get things done kind of guy..


Its about 11am and Joe is yet to even open an eye. Skill around here there's not a lot to get up for. You can sleep in all day and not really miss out on anything.

This is where Joe lives.. Chasmton. Its about as far from anywhere as you can possibly get. Eight houses, a couple of fruit trees and a pub...

and of cource, the chasm

chasmton needs the chasm for its survival. All the town's water is piped down from a dam waaaay back in the depths of the chasm.

The town's crops need the water to grow...

And the town's generator uses the water from the dam to make the town's electricity.

But someting has happened to the pipe somewhere up in the gorge(maybe rockfall)and water isn't flowing to chasmton.

With no water the crops will die.

And without anything to power the turbine there will be no electricty.

No electricty means no television and no fridges. It looks like the people of Chasmton will be missing the grand final and drinking warm beer!

An emergency meeting was held for all the townsfolk(Joe missed it; sleeping off a big night).

A vote was taken to decide whick one of them should have to make the perious journey up into the chasm to restore the towns water supply.

Unanimously it was decided...that Joe should be that one.

And that, in the meantime, the rest of the townsfolk would do their utmost to see that the town's beer supplies were consumed before they got too warm.

Its a dangerous place up there in the Chasm and, if he's not careful, Joe may be hurt or even killed...

But thats nothing to what the townsfolk will do if he doesn't get the problem sorted out before the Grand Final screens at six.

So he's better get going!