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作品名:Danganronpa: Kirigiri Sou FULL TRANSLATION


Danganronpa: Kirigiri Sou FULL TRANSLATION
A transcript/retranslation based on the juicedup14 playthrough/translation of Kirigiri Sou, which
you can watch here. (Although he talks about series wide spoilers so be careful)
It also includes the necessary lines juicedup14 skipped while reading.
Text in brackets () are comments and not part of the transcript.
You can find the multiple OSTs for the game Here and Here and Here and Here
The Kamaitachi No Yoru OST is the game rip version, not the CD version so some songs
appear shorter than they really are.
juicedup14: Translator
SeriousSeiko: Secondary Translator, Editor
Is Santa Shikiba In DR3 Or NDRV3 Yet: Editor, Transcriptor
Zanthosus: Editor, Transcriptor
KAANJI: Editor
PDF by SeriousSeiko of The Game Surgery Team

An endless, dark road that continued forever. The trees on the side of the road covered my
driving, and the leaves went up all above my head. It might have been the wind, but an ominous
sound like a voice went throughout the forest. It was late in the evening on my way back home
from the village. If everything went according to plan, I should have been back home in my
student apartment. I’d chosen a detour that I wasn’t used to, and by the time I noticed, I had
ended up in a non-paved path inside the forest.
The sun was already down and everything was all black.
My car kept going into darkness. A car from a poor student’s wage, just a run of the mill car. I
looked at my phone to see if I was on the map, but there was no path where the cursor was.
And now all I could rely on was my crappy intuition.
In order to get rid of the loneliness I turned on the car radio. There was only static noise coming
from it. It was a very ominous feeling.
And to top it off there were droplets of water hitting the windshield on my car. It was raining.

While sighing, I switched on the wipers.
I tried to listen for the weather report on the radio. I tried to change the channel, and I looked
away from the road for one second.
And that one second was critical.
When I looked back to the road, in my headlights, all of a sudden a human figure appeared.
A woman!?
If I keep going I’ll crash!

Suddenly IA.
Turned the wheel.
B. Hit the brake.
>juicedup14 chooses B
I stepped on the brake.
The car let out a noise similar to a scream, and it barely stopped right in front of the girl.
That was dangerous……
In such a forest at this time, what was a girl doing here? She didn’t even have an umbrella. It
was almost like she was a ghost……
Her posture was turned around, and she was looking at me. She might have been a high
schooler. Long hair that went all the way to her waist and on her left shoulder she had a braid. It
left quite an impression. White skin that looked like you could see right through it. From the light
of the headlights, it became even more white. However she was not transparent, so she didn’t
look like a ghost.
I opened my window and leaned through it, as I talked to her.
A. “Don’t walk in the middle of the road, you idiot!”
B. “I’m sorry, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”
>juicedup14 chooses B
“I’m sorry, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”
“I’m fine.”
With a very calm voice she replied, and she looked at me with her piercing eyes, as if searching
for something.
I suddenly averted my eyes, avoiding eye contact. It was almost like she was looking inside my
soul. It was not like I had anything to be guilty about. But what was she? Could that girl have
lived there? While thinking of that, I asked her.

“Looks like I’m lost but…… is there another road past here? Like a convenience store or a
gasoline station……”
She nonchalantly shook her head from side to side. From that response, it was almost like she
said “I don’t know” and “Stop talking to me” at the same time.
She turned around and started walking. The falling rain was causing her hair to get wet.
“Hey you!”
Without thinking, I called to her.
“Do you know where you’re going? Are you going to be fine walking along this dark path by
She turned around and glanced at me, but she did not stop. What’s wrong with her……
Looking at her clothes, it didn’t look like she was in the middle of hiking. Maybe she was in the
middle of a drive date and they got into a fight, and she went out in the middle of the road.
No matter the case, I couldn’t leave her alone. The rain was getting stronger. While a little
hesitant, I talked to her again.
“If you don’t mind, why don’t you get in?”
Responding to my voice, she finally stopped walking. She turned around and looked at me
suspiciously. She moved to the side of the car and crossed her arms, and peaked inside the car
and said, “Driver’s licence.”
Without thinking, I couldn’t help but raise my voice.
“Show me your driver’s license.”
Without saying anything she kept pressing me on. She’s almost like a cop. No matter how I
looked at her, she didn’t look like a female officer.
A. I have no choice but to show her my driver’s license.
B. This is a bit suspicious, there’s no way I can show her my driver’s license.
>juicedup14 chooses A

I had no choice but to show her my driver’s license.
She pulled a penlight from out of nowhere and shined a small light on the driver’s license.
Of course it’s normal to be cautious of riding in a stranger’s car, but would you really look at
their driver’s license? Even though she was suspicious of my kindness, I didn’t think she would
go this far.

But even then, it’s not just that. She took out her phone and read out the information on the
driver’s license, like my name and address, into the speaker.
“Wait, what are you doing!?”
“I’m doing a background check.”
“Thanks, it’s done.”
She put away her phone as she said that.
“You’re done? What are you done with?”
“You really are just a normal student, passing by.”
“That’s true but……did you see anything else? ”
Without realizing it, I started sounding rude.
I guess from her point of view, it would be kind of scary to be talked to in the middle of a woods
like this. Maybe she’s trying to be as cautious as possible. I guess I couldn’t fault her too much.
But……she went through a background check really fast. It’s not very normal.
Speaking of unnatural, the gloves covering her hands were pitch black, and those gloves were
very irregular. It’s not the season to be wearing gloves, and I couldn’t call it fashion that girls
these days are wearing. Maybe that kind of thing is popular among kids these days.
“Sorry. Looks like I mistook you.”
“……It’s okay. So, are you going to get in? Or are you not?”
“It would be very helpful if you could drop me off……past here.”
“Gotcha, get in.”
She did not get in the passenger seat. Instead, she opened the backseat door and sat down.

“Are you a high school student? Why are you walking around out here?” I asked while looking at
her through the minor.
“-It’s a secret.” Without looking at the mirror, she said that.
“Oh, okay.” While purposely making a large sigh, I step on the acceleration and keep going.
And the car sank into darkness once again.
The path past that point was even darker than before. Even so, I wasn’t alone. She may have
been a very odd passenger, but it’s better than being alone. Just from the looks of her, this car

wasn’t worthy of having someone as beautiful as her riding in it. It might just have been my
imagination, but she smelled very nice, like flowers. I might not have a chance like this ever
It’s almost like she noticed through the mirror. She looked at me with a cold gaze.
“Oh, nothing……you didn’t tell me your name yet……”
“You don’t really need to know, do you?”
“Well that might be so, but you know what they say. Love thy neighbor……”
“I guess me knowing your name, and you not knowing mine wouldn’t be fair, would it?”
“Yeah, it’s not fair.”
“But there’s no reason for me to be fair.” While saying that, she nonchalantly looked out the
window again.
Oh boy……what a troubling lady.
The rain hit the car harder and harder. I tried controlling the radio, but there’s still only static
noise and I couldn’t hear anything.
“Look, the tree is blocking the road.”
She sat up from her passenger seat and moved her body forward, pointing in front of the car.
There’s a fallen tree in front of the headlights. I didn’t think that had been there for a couple of
The path kept going past fallen trees. I might be able to drive past the side of the road, where
thick brush is growing, and go around the tree and keep going……
I headed off the path, and my car was in the wild grass. While feeling the vibration on the
handle, I traveled past the fallen tree.

It would be very awkward to not say anything, so I talked to her.
A. “Do you like movies?”
B. “What are you looking at outside the window?”
C. “You’re very beautiful.”
D. “Do you have brothers or sisters?”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“You’re very beautiful.” While saying that nonchalantly, I looked at her through the mirror. Her
eyes widened for a moment, and almost like nothing happened they went back to normal. I
pretended to cough, and we decided not to talk to each other. Of course she wouldn’t be so
easy to be moved by simple words.
The sound of the rain suddenly got louder. And it’s almost like the car’s roof was being banged
on like a drum. It almost sounded like hail……
No, that’s wrong. It’s branches. The branches were falling right in front of the windshield. What
is this?
From the passenger seat she yelled all of a sudden.
“It’s going to fall-”
A tree, on the right side of the road, was falling in the direction of the car. I hit the acceleration,
and went under the tree.

Afterwards, almost like an earthquake, a large tree fell on the road and blocked it. The side of
the mirror showed the wrapped tree trunk.
“That was dangerous……” My heart was still racing.
“It’s almost like it was aiming for this car.”
“That’s ridiculous.”
From hitting the tree, the branches broke the wipers. There were lots of leafs stuck to the
windshield. It’s hard to see past them. It would probably be best to get out and remove them. I
stepped on the brake.
However, the feeling of the pedal was weird. The speed wasn’t going down. “……This is bad.”
“What is it this time?”
“The brake isn’t working!” I yelled. When I was trying to stop the car, the speed increased.
“There’s a tree falling in front!” Her voice echoed inside of the car.
As I looked ahead, almost a hundred meters in front, a tree was falling, as if trying to block the
road. Since I was going so fast, the falling tree’s shadow made it almost look like it’s falling in
slow motion.
At this speed, we might get crushed under the tree like a pancake. And the brake wasn’t
working. Just as she said, it’s aiming at us in timing.
What should I do?
A. Pull the emergency break.
B. I asked her.
C. I hit the acceleration even more.
>juicedup14 chooses B
I asked her.
“Help me! Help me goddess!”
“Get off the path and go into the forest.”

“We’ll hit a tree!”
“If we hit a tree we’ll stop.”
“We can’t do that……”
I hesitated. She stood up from her seat and took control of the steering wheel, and forcefully
turned it to the left.
The car rampaged like a bulldozer, running over vegetation as it went into the forest.
And we ended up right in front of a huge tree. I scrunched my neck, and prepared for impact.
The next moment-
In the dark forest, a large crash resonated.

Everything turned white.
A little bit delayed, my face felt a painful dizziness at the same time. Am I alive?
Looks like I’d been saved……
I raised my body and looked in front of me. The reason everything was white was because of
the airbag.
I wiped it away, and in front of the car white smoke began billowing. And the tree in front of us
was blocking our way.

What about her!? I panickedly turn around. And in the passenger’s seat with a refreshed face,
she put her hair behind her ears and took off her seat belt.
“Are you alright……?”
“This is nothing.”
She pulled the door lever, but it won’t open. Could it be because the car’s twisted? Without even
hesitating, she raised her feet and used the bottom part of her boot and kicked. With a loud
sound, the door opened.
We left the car, and realized the situation we’re in again.
Due to crashing into a large tree, you wouldn’t think with how twisted the car is that it would be
metal. On the other hand, the tree surface didn’t even have a scratch on it.
“Look. There’s something on the wheel.”

She squatted down and used her penlight. And if I looked closely, there were vines that were
tied around the tire. They looked like some sort of plant.
“Maybe when we went off the path, the plants got caught on the tire.”
Could that be why the breaks weren’t working……? But for what reason is there for the tree to
suddenly start falling? Is it because of the rain that made the ground softer?
“Riding in someone else’s car never leads to anything good.”
“Nothing.” She walked away from the car and took out her phone. “Huh it’s not connecting.”
“This is the worst……”

We’re surrounded by a dark forest, and the rain kept getting stronger and stronger. Where could
we be? We’re not simply lost. There’s a possibility we might be stranded.
“At this time, it would be dangerous to move around. For now, let’s stay inside the car, and wait
for the night to past.”
I got close to the car.
And suddenly, an explosive sound surrounded the car with flames.
“Are you serious……”

Afraid of the explosion, I jumped away from that spot and looked at the flames. I couldn’t even
stand up because I was so shocked. From being so cold in the rain, I felt warmth from the
“It’s dangerous to be sitting there.” While crossing her arms, she said that and looked down on
How could she be so calm in this situation? There were many accidents happening over and
over, and no matter what happens she didn’t show any hint of emotion. That was the most
irregular thing of all.
“I can see the light on the other side,” she said while looking at the darkness. When I looked
over there, there really was a faint light floating from the darkness.
“What is that?”
“Could it be light from a house,” she asked mumblingly. She made her way towards the light as
if being invited by it, and headed towards the forest.
“Hey, wait.”
I finally stood up, and chased after her panickingly. If I let my guard down, I might lose her in the
dark forest. And deep inside the forest, the fog from the rain turned into smoke, and made it so I
couldn’t see forward.
“Could it really be light from a house?”
“I don’t see what else it could be.”
“It’s inside this forest. Would there really be a house here? I don’t have a good feeling. We really
shouldn’t get close to it……”
“It’s not like you have to follow me. Why don’t you stay close to the fire until daybreak?” She
says that without even turning around. Of all things, she called my beloved car “a fire”.
“You, how can you be like that?”

“I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. Sorry. And thanks for taking me all this way. I’m very grateful
for that.”
“You’re very grateful, huh. You don’t really look like it.”
“-Kyoko Kirigiri.”
“My name. Is this fair now?”
She glanced at me with one turn. At that time, her expression made her look very adult, the face
of a girl who held many secrets. It couldn’t just be the rain and the darkness that made me think
that way.

Being speechless for a response, without saying anything I chased after Kyoko Kirigiri. No
matter what happened, we needed to escape from this forest. Our circumstances became clear.
We headed out from the forest, and we suddenly stepped into an open space. At the same time
the wind blew, and cut away the fog. And the surrounding grass danced like a small wave, and
brushed our feet. And past the waves we looked forward. An old style gate, leading to a western
mansion was before our eyes.
A large mansion.

An old style western mansion, that I didn’t think I would see other then in a theme park, with
very outrageous decorations. If there wasn’t black paint surrounding the walls, or branches all
around the windows, I would have called it very fairy-tale like. But with the ominous feeling, it
made it look like a haunted house.
There’s a light coming from a window on the second floor. It didn’t look like a fluorescent or
artificial light. It might have been light from a candle.
While looking at the window, the light suddenly disappeared.

“Ah!”, she suddenly raised her voice. She noticed too. “Looks like someone’s here.” She pushed
open the rusted gate, and proceeded through the gap.
“Hey, what are you going in there for? We should get away from this ominous place. Let’s go
somewhere where we can get in range for cell phone signal.”
“Well then, you go ahead and do that. I’m gonna go inside that mansion.”
A. “Okay, I get it. If you’re gonna go, go by yourself. I’m going home!”
B. “Aren’t you scared?”
>juicedup14 chooses B
“Aren’t you scared?”
She didn’t respond to my question, and began walking towards the mansion. I can’t
communicate very well with this kid. Looks like I can’t have a conversation without guessing.
“Could you have been……heading to this mansion in the first place?”
“That’s a secret.”
She wiped off her wet hair from her shoulder, saying only that and leaving.
I couldn’t just leave her here. Of course I didn’t want to go into the forest by myself. But more
so, I couldn’t shake away my interest in the mysterious girl Kyoko Kirigiri. And of course……I
couldn’t let a girl go into a horrible mansion like this by herself.
“I’m going as well.”
I opened the gates and I chased after Kirigiri.
“Are you worried about me?”
“Of course.”
“I see… you’ll only be a hindrance.”
“Don’t say that. I’d be scared by myself as well, you know. I thought you could help me.”
“……Looks like I have no choice.”

Kirigiri frowned. She might act cruel, but unexpectedly she had the responsibility of doing the
right thing. I feel like I understand how to get closer to her.
Inside of the mansion grounds, there were various types of plants and trees growing. It didn’t
look like they’re being upkept very well. There were many plants I’d never seen before, and
various bushes that I hadn’t seen either. That chaotic scene unnerved me.
And we were standing in front of the front door of the mansion. Without hesitation, Kirigiri
knocked on the door.

After waiting a while, there was no response. I turned the knob.
The knob felt moist, I panickedly took my hand off of it and looked at my hand. My hand was
painted deep red.
“Is this blood……?”
“It’s just rust.”
Kirigiri turned the knob with her gloved hands, and opened the door.
It was a large entrance hall that we went into. There was a dim light from the chandelier hanging
from the high ceiling. From the looks of it, there weren’t any people here. It’s so quiet that we
could almost hear our own heartbeats.
“Excuse me. Is there anyone here?”, I yelled all the way inside the mansion. And there’s still no
response as I thought.
Without hesitation, Kirigiri stepped inside the mansion. She’s always doing her own thing.
However there’s no way we could head back now. Seeing as how we were definitely in a
disaster, if there was a possibility, we needed to find a way to get help. It would be nice to
borrow the phone……
In the entrance hall we entered, right in the middle there’s a large door. To the left and right of
that, on the sides, there were stairs leading to the second floor with a gentle curve. On both
sides of the walls, there were doors leading inside. At the foot of the stairs, there’s a large
grandfather clock, keeping the time.
Comparatively to the outside, it looked like it was a bit more organized inside of the mansion.
On the contrary to the sound of the clock, it’s almost like time stopped here for many years.
The oddest thing about the entrance hall was on the side, there was a potted plant.

Inside, there was a pot made of brick, and one tree was growing in it. You could even call it a
great tree from the thickness of it. The green leaves got close enough to touch the ceiling.
There was a tree inside of the mansion.
I didn’t know the name of that specific plant, or that large trees have veins on their trunks. It
looked like a monstrous tree with blood vessels.
“What an amazing garden……”
I looked up at the tree and said that.

A. “You can practice tree climbing indoors.”
B. “Is this tree……alive!?”
C. “Is this tree……crying?”
>juicedup14 chooses A
“You can practice tree climbing indoors.”
“Let’s look for someone. They should be on the second floor.”
Kirigiri acted naturally. She didn’t even pay attention to my joke while she headed up the stairs.
“Wait, let me ask you before that. Is the person you’re looking for an acquaintance of yours?”
I thought she would just say ‘It’s a secret’ again or something, but her answer was quite
Even so I couldn’t understand the situation. There was no doubt about it, Kirigiri came to this
mansion not as a coincidence. She had some kind of goal in mind, and came here by her own
will. However she said she didn’t know the owner of the mansion. At least, it would be useless
to ask if it’s her friend’s house.
If so, what was her goal?
“I’ve heard a lot of rumors about this mansion,” Kirigiri said suddenly.
“When you get lost and enter the mansion, you do not leave. ‘A man eating mansion’ is in the
forest, is what they say.
“‘A man eating mansion’? Why didn’t you say so before? We’re already lost aren’t we!” I said it
in a way that sounds like I’m blaming her.
“Of course there isn’t such a mansion, is there? In terms of logic. Such as a cat with a long
torso, or a capybara with a human face. It’s the same as those kinds of urban legends.”

“No, there’s something weird about this mansion! Why isn’t anyone coming out? Oddly, there's
no signs of life……moreover why would somebody be living inside this kind of forest?
Are you trying to say there’s someone living inside the forest?”
“That’s why we’re going to go see them,” Kirigiri said, regaining her composure.
I didn’t know what to think. I was thinking about way too much. Nevermind about the mansion,
what kind of person is Kyoko Kirigiri? She kept becoming more and more elusive.
“Hey, tell me already. What are-”
At that time, from out of nowhere, a telephone ring was heard.
“Whoa! There’s a phone somewhere.”
I ran to where the noise was coming from...the garden bed.
I timidly get closer and closer to the large tree. It seemed like the noise of the telephone was
coming from inside the tree.
“What is this……what’s the meaning of this?”
I try to find where the origin of the phone was coming from. I went around the tree once.
However, there was no telephone to be found.
A. “I see, this is mys-tree-ous.”
B. “What a long cord……where’s the part where I speak into?”
C. “Sometimes trees grow and absorb things that are connected to it.”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“Sometimes trees and absorb things that are connected to it.”
I tried to show her my knowledge, and said something that I’ve heard from TV. Sometimes
things that are left by trees, like bikes, get absorbed into the trunk. And sometimes, after many
years later, they move all the way to the top.
“Basically, a telephone was left by this tree, and the tree grew and absorbed it inside itself.”
Kirigiri said that, impressed.

“That’s right, my dear Watson.”
“Well then can you pick up the phone, Sherlock?”
Kirigiri pointed to the bell noise coming from the tree.
She’s……not ‘Sherlock Holmes’, she is more like “Ichi Yumi/Hito Yasumin.”
(juicedup14 didn’t translate this last part, so drmedicsgamesurgery tried to translate what the
text says. They don’t know what the name is supposed to say, but they gave their best guess.)
And just like that the ringing stopped.
We gave up on the phone. With nothing else to do, we went away from the garden bed.
And then-
Somewhere far away, we heard the clatter of metal being moved around.
What was it this time? Was something moving? Me and Kirigiri looked at each other and closed
our mouths, and tried to listen.
I got close to the door by the stairs, and tried to listen.-It’s quiet. I tried turning the door knob, but
it’s locked. I couldn’t open it. It’s not here.
From the entrance, I went to the right-handed door.
Right here! There’s something on the other side.
While trying to be as quiet as possible, Kirigiri got close to the door. She grabbed the knob, and
forcefully opened the door.

And it looked like a reception room. By the fireplace, a sofa was lying there. On the walls, there
were bookshelves lining them. There were no other lights inside the room, except for the
redness of the fireplace. There was some sort of silhouette on the sofa. The silhouette looked
like a person.
-Someone is sitting on the sofa. They haven’t noticed that we’re here.
Out of nowhere I tried to talk to him. However, the figure did not turn around. They stayed
looking at the fireplace.
Kirigiri moved around the sofa, and looked at the person sitting down. Letting out a sigh, she
lowered her shoulders.
“This is just a suit of armor.”
Armor!? I walked in front of the sofa to make sure.

Just as Kirigiri said, there was a western-styled full body armor sitting down. One whole piece of
metal armor, sitting in a person-like shape.
“Was the metal sound that we heard just now……”
The movement of the armor? Could there be someone in the armor?
A. Being curious, I looked inside the helmet.
B. I feel danger. And I tried not to get close.
>juicedup14 chooses A

Being curious, I looked inside the helmet. There was a deep darkness inside the other side of
the slits. It didn’t look like there could be someone in there. Feeling a bit more calm, without
thinking about it, I took off the mask.
And all of a sudden, jumping out from the front face mask,green leaves started spreading out.
Almost like it’s spitting out leaves as it’s blood, and thinking of that I gasped.
It seems the leaves were squished inside the armor, and jumped out when it opened.
“What the hell is this, it’s so weird……”
“Looks like they’re growing plants inside the armor.”
“An armor styled plant?”
No matter the case, you couldn’t call it a good hobby. Even if the inside is a plant, why did it
sound like the armor was moving? I curiously looked at the armor up and down. However,
Kirigiri was more interested in the fireplace.

“Looks like something’s being burned.”
Kirigiri took the poker by the fireplace, and started searching inside of the chimney. There were
red and black embers, of something inside that was being burned. It looked like a large fire was
spreading from cut pieces of cloth. It’s in a very colorful pattern. It looked like fashionable
clothes. Looks like there’s only one part, so I couldn’t tell the size. There was also a melted
piece of plastic that turned completely black, like cards. Or burnt pieces of paper……
She was squatting in front of the fire, and took it with her hand.
“Looks like there’s a lot of clothes being burnt here. Some sort of cards. By looking at the letters
on the card, looks like some sort of identification. Looks like either two, or three peoples worth of
clothes are being burnt.”
“What, what is this? Why are they burning that?”
“Who knows? I don’t really want to think about it too much.”
While saying that, she picked up a piece a paper from the fire. It looked like some sort of note,
with something written on the edge.

‘Help me.’
That’s what was written.
“Hey……What’s happening in this mansion?”
“-Who knows?”

Without giving much thought to her response, she put the piece of paper in her pocket and left.
“Do you really not know anything?”
“Don’t lie. You wanted to come to this mansion in the first place, didn’t you? What was your
goal? What are you hiding?”
“I’m not hiding anything,” Kirigiri said with a sharp gaze. It seems we’ve opened more distance
between us now.
“Indeed, I did want to come to this mansion in the first place, that’s the truth. However, I don’t
know the details. I simply came to my appointed place by taxi. However, there was nothing
there, and when I was looking around, that’s when I ran into you. That’s all.”
“You were ‘appointed’……does that mean someone told you to come here?”
“That’s right.”
“Who was that?”
“Who knows?”
“Hey, tell me the truth.”
“I don’t know either. The client didn’t say their name. However, I think I know who it is……”
“The owner of the mansion?”
“Who knows. However, I’ll tell you this much. This is my first time coming to this mansion. I’m at
the same point as you, not knowing what’s happening in this mansion.”
“I see……sorry for suspecting you.”
“You don’t need to worry about it. More importantly, it seems this situation is much more serious
than I thought. We shouldn’t waste any time.”

She pointed toward the fireplace. What did those burnt clothes and black identification business
cards mean? ((Read the DRK novels to find out, because they don’t discuss the cards later, it’s
just assumed you have read the novels beforehand. This is a spinoff of a spinoff after all.))
“Let’s find the owner of the mansion and ask them. If we do that, that’ll make everything clear,” I
determinedly said so.
“If we can even talk to them.”
“What do you mean?”

“They might be a maniac serial killer.”
“Only maybe.”
With no expression, Kirigiri shook her head from side to side.
That might be. In this ominous mansion, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a serial killer hiding
here. The owner still hadn’t shown themselves, and thinking about what’s being burned in the
fireplace, I came to a realization.
“Before finding the owner, let’s look around for evidence. The more we can get, the better.”
That’s what Kirigiri said. She didn’t go to the door leading to the entrance hall, instead she went
to the door in the back leading to somewhere else.
When we opened it, it looked like some sort of dining room. There was a white cloth laying over
a long table. On the middle of the table, there was a three trident candle holder. I’d never seen
something like this other than in movies or dramas.
Looking closely, the cloth was a bit in shambles You couldn’t really call it hygienic. And there
were red and black spots all over. It’s almost like……stains of blood.
In order to look closely, I got close to the table. However, as soon as I went by the windows, I
felt like I saw something from the corner of my eye, and I stopped. It felt like someone was
watching me from the outside……However not just something, but lots of things. I immediately
tried to open the window, and look outside.

-There’s no one there.
There were iron bars from the outside of the window. I couldn’t look farther than that. However,
when I tried to strain my eyes into the darkness, I saw a garden bed. I felt like there’s an oddly
shaped plant growing there. The leaves looked like they’re forming a swirling sort of pattern, and
the vines were stretching. Looking closely, looked like something was dropped there.
On the flower bed, there was a large pile of innumerable skulls.

I let out a short yelp, and I was taken aback. Kirigiri noticed my reaction, and looked outside the
window. However, at that moment, a strong wind blew, and plant leaves covered up the sight.
“There, was……a whole bunch of skulls there just now……”
I desperately tried to sway her, but when Kirigiri looked she simply tilted her neck.
A. “This mansion is cursed! We need to get out of here as fast as possible!”
B. “This is a murder case. We need to call the police right away!”
C. “Might be my imagination. Let’s keep looking around.”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“Maybe it was my imagination. Let’s keep looking around.”
“Look, there is a red pool over there.”
Kirigiri pointed to the floor. There were red dots, leading to the door in the back. What was on
the other side of that door? I was frightened to even think about it. Even Kirigiri seemed to have
a bit of a frown heading to the door, her feet seemed a bit heavy. However, without hesitation
she opened the door.

It looked like there’s a kitchen. We heard the sound of dripping water from the sink, and it was
unexpectedly loud.
It was practically dark and I couldn’t see anything. Kirigiri took out her penlight. And then……we
saw stains of red and black liquid on the floor, in what appeared to be drag marks.. It seemed
like they’re dry, and there was a rotten stench in the area. Me and Kirigiri both covered our
“Geez……it’s not up to code……”
I was barely able to talk. The person might hear me, and from fear I made my voice quieter.
“Looks like there’s a fridge in the back there.”
“Let’s open it.”
Kirigiri was walking through the frightening kitchen. I hurried ahead and tried to stop her.
“Stop it, that’s enough.”
“If there is something happening here, we need to confirm it.”
“Confirm what……?”
“The tragedy you see before you.”
Kirigiri stood in front of the fridge. How could she be so calm? It’s not at the level of courage or
calmness. It seems like-she’s used to it. This sort of situation was normal in her daily life.
There’s no way anyone else would be able to have no expression. And being used to this kind
of situation, what kind of life does she lead? It’s frightening to think about……I don’t think I’d be
able to stay so calm.
Finally, Kirigiri put her gloved hands on the hinge, and opened it.
Don’t open it, don’t open it……That’s what my heart kept telling me.

However without being able to plead, she ended up opening it. Inside, the light of the fridge
turned Kirigiri’s face blue. That expression, just as always, didn’t change whatsoever……
“There’s nothing here.”
That’s what she said. I don’t know why, but it sounded like she was disappointed.
I made sure as well, but the inside of the fridge was indeed empty. There weren’t any
vegetables or beverages inside. It was anti-climatic. But that’s fine. My heart was now settled.
“I knew it, this mansion isn’t normal. Let’s leave for now, and find a place where we can get
cellphone signal.”
I suggested that, and Kirigiri did not argue.

We return to the entrance hall.
As if being chased by the sound of the grandfather clock, we stood in front of the door. I
immediately grabbed the knob. However, the knob just turns. The door does not open.
“What is this?”
I tried hitting the door, and turning the knob forcefully. I tried many things, but it just did not

I give up on the door, and tried opening the window. However, on the outside there are iron
bars, and it seems like we can’t leave. By the looks of it, looks like all the windows have iron
“Looks like we’re locked in……” I said so with a surprised voice.
Kirigiri tried opening the door as well. She gave up, letting out a sigh, and left.
“Looks like they are right calling it a ‘man eating mansion’.”

“We’re gonna get eaten by this mansion? Stop kidding around! How could this happen? Just
what’s happening here?”
“Calm down.”
“What do you mean calm down?”
Thinking about it, ever since I met Kirigiri, only weird things have been happening. It’s almost
like it’s all her fault……no doubt about it, she is the cause of all this.
No, could it be that she is the one who’s drawing me here?
No it couldn’t be……

“You look like you’re in despair,” Kirigiri says with her arms crossed. I tried to search for the truth
in her expression, but it looked like that’s impossible. Her expression was almost like she was
frozen stiff.
Was she the enemy? Or could it have been……
“You might be misunderstanding, but it’s not a despairful situation just yet. We haven’t even
searched the second floor, and we haven’t seen the owner of the mansion yet.”
“You said they might be a serial killer didn’t you?”
“I would welcome that if that’s the case.”
“You would welcome that?”
“I’ve seen many serial killers up to now. They all behave exactly the same. I already know
exactly how they act. I also know how to deal with them as well. They are easier to handle than
my classmates.”
“What……what are you talking about? Just……who are you?”
“That’s a secret as well is what I want to say, but it looks like I can’t keep saying that, can I? I
Kirigiri, as if organizing her gloves, grabbed the wrist part and moved it side to side while saying,
“-I am a detective.”
“That’s right. An ally to the truth.”
She said that, while going up the stairs to the second floor.
“Are you going by yourself?”
“I’m going to explore the second floor. You can go ahead and stay there.”
While going up the stairs, her skirt swayed from side to side, and soon her figure faded away.
……A detective she said? A detective who could solve impossible cases, those kinds of people.
How could that small-bodied girl be fit to be a detective?

A. ‘Is it fine to just let her go’, is what I ask myself.
B. ‘She might be fine by herself’, is what I tell myself.
>juicedup14 chooses A
‘Is it fine to just let her go’, is what I asked myself. Did I have any reason to oppose her? Did she
have any reason to go against me? I didn’t have any reason. Actually, I wanted to get out of this
mansion as fast as possible. I needed to think about a way to run away.
Even so……looking at her going up the stairs by herself, I felt like I had to go as well. It seemed
like her intense calmness had rubbed off on me. Either way, I didn’t know any way of escaping
this mansion. Even so, this wasn’t something I should leave to someone else. I had to do it.
I went after Kirigiri, and ran up the stairs. They’re awfully creaky stairs, but felt well built. There
were thirteen steps in total. It felt like I was going up to my own execution, and I reached the
second floor.
As I went around the corner, I saw a door on the far side, and I saw a figure of a person go in
there all of a sudden. I couldn’t see them very well, but from the shadow of the door it seemed
like it’s someone with long flowing hair. It must’ve been Kirigiri.
I tried going after her, and stood in front of the door. I put my hand on the door and then-
Something grabbed my shoulder.
I jumped. And I turned around. That’s where Kirigiri was standing.
“Huh? What??”
“You couldn’t be a good boy and stay down there?”
“You……weren’t you just over there?”
“No. I came out from a different room.”
“Well then, the person who went in here……”
“Someone from this mansion, right?”

Looks like we caught them.
“I didn’t see them very well, but it looked like a girl with long hair.”
“Even if the opponent is a woman, you mustn’t let your guard down. It would be best if you
stayed behind me.”
She pushed me aside and stood in front of the door, and opened it.
A hotel guest room. All the way in the back you could see space for a bed, a closet, a shower,
and more. I pressed the switch by the entrance, and the bedside lamp lit up the room. However,
mysteriously the woman I saw enter this room was no longer found. I looked inside the shower
room, but there’s nobody in there.
“Did somebody really enter in here,” Kirigiri asked, looking at me with a doubting look.
“No doubt about it; I saw.”
“If so…”

Kirigiri opened the closet and looked around carefully. Eventually she noticed something, and
touched the hook on the face and pulled it down. Then, within the closet, a board, like a door,
opened inward. A hidden room.
“Now let’s go!”
Kirigiri calmly entered into the closet. I followed immediately as well.
The light from the fluorescent globes hurt my eyes. After a while, I was surrounded by a naturey
aura of temperature.

Surrounding an area of that room, plants covered it. You couldn’t see the walls or the floor.
Leaves with tips as sharp as swords. Leaves that opened like an umbrella. And vines that hung
from a ceiling. It’s almost like a museum that was abandoned.
“What is this?”
As if trudging through a jungle, we entered the room from the back.
This room seemed like it’s a laboratory of some sort; an experiment table was covered with
leaves, and test tubes and inspection tools were laid about.

Among all of that, I found a broken glass-looking plate. On the surface, there was a red ‘X’
drawn over it.
“It seems like they were doing research on plants.”
Kirigiri found a document out of nowhere and looked through it.
“I see… There were various plants that I’ve never seen before growing in the garden as well.
Just what research could have been conducted here?”
“Going from this report, a couple of years ago, near the neighboring waters, a life form that had
the characteristics of both plant and animal was found. Those odd single celled life forms moved
around like a flagellum. Using whip-like appendages to move in the ocean waters, feeding on
algae and photosynthesising.”
“An odd life form…”
I looked at the red ‘X’ on the plate. I got a sample, it’s used for cultivating microorganisms. But
what was this red ‘X’?
“That life form’s genetic information is used as a base, and the animal and plant DNA is
combined. That’s the kind of research they’re doing. Up until now, all the combinations of animal
DNA and plant DNA never combined. It never seemed possible in terms of logic. No one ever
hoped for any real results. That common knowledge has been overturned. Summing that paper
up, that’s what’s written on it.”
“That’s a very suspicious story, combining animal and plant DNA. That doesn’t sound like any
good research at all. Haven’t any of these researchers heard of ‘I’ll let this end in a dream’?”
“Seeing as how this research room is behind a hidden door, it can’t be any good research. You
probably shouldn’t touch that very much,” Kirigiri pointed at me and said.
I immediately dropped the petri dish with the red ‘X’. I frightfully looked at my finger. It’s okay,
nothing was wrong.
“What happened to the research after that? Where did the researchers go?”

“There’s traces that look like they burned their papers. Maybe they ran into some trouble that
made it so they had to abandon the mansion.”
I tried to look for something else.
A: Look at the whiteboard
B: Look in the desks
C: Flip the switch on the wall
D: Open the locker
>juicedup14 chooses D
I looked in a locker and found a square looking box. It looked like some kind of battery. Other
than that, there’s nothing else.
(At this point, the options keep repeating when juicedup14 chooses an option.)
>juicedup14 chooses C
I flipped a switch, but nothing happened. When I opened the square panel next to it, there’s a
square box insertion space. Maybe I needed that battery. Yeah, that battery I found in the
locker. Maybe that would fit.
I tried it out right away. It fit right in and I flipped the switch again. A shelf near me opened by
itself, and there’s a green herb inside. Huh, I feel healed.
>juicedup14 chooses B
(Some images, like this one, might look weirdly shaped because we cropped out juicedup14′s
translator thing in the corner.)
I opened a desk, and I found a flask with a cloudy liquid inside. On the label it’s labeled
alphabetically. However, I couldn’t really read most of them.

“W-What is all this? DIO…X….?”
I handed it to Kirigiri, and she held the liquid up the light and looked at it.
From the corner of my eye, I felt like I saw something next to the entrance.

It’s a girl. A long haired girl. It’s the girl I saw before. She’s peeking inside from the door.

But when we noticed her presence, she immediately hid.
Kirigiri chased her. I ran through the grass and followed Kirigiri. Climbing out of the closet, I
jumped over the bed and ran out of the room.
When I got to the hallway, there were various plants growing that weren’t there before. Roses.
Roses with thorns. There were various vines with thorns stretching around.
“What is all this? What’s happening?”
“I saw her go through this door! I wonder how she went through the roses.”
Kirigiri points through the other side of the roses. I saw an iron door beyond the hallway.
“We can’t go past here. What should we do?”
We needed something in order to help us get through here. I think I knew where to find it…
A: Entrance Hall
B: Reception Room
C: Kitchen
>juicedup14 chooses B
That’s right! There was a knight in the reception room. I didn’t really make sure, but I thought I
saw a sword hanging from it’s hip. If I had that sword, I might be able to get through the roses.
“I’m going to go get something. Kirigiri, you wait here. Leave it to me.”
Without letting her say anything, she stayed there and I ran to the hall. I wanted to show her that
I could be useful as well. I ran down the stairs without thinking very much. I’d realized that
sprinting by myself in this place took a lot of courage. But I couldn’t go back and say “let’s go

I got to the entrance hall. The armor was still sitting on the sofa.
I frightfully looked at the armor. There it was! There’s a sword on his hip. I tried to grab it, but it
wouldn’t come out of the hilt. Maybe it’s just a replica.
I gave up, and I thought of any other place that may be helpful.
A: Entrance Hall
B: Kitchen
>juicedup14 chooses B

Wasn’t there a knife in the kitchen? I could probably cut through the roses with that knife.
I checked my surroundings as much as possible and entered the kitchen. I looked through the

There it was. The knife was very rusted, darkened to a dull black. Without being discouraged, I
took the knife and headed to the second floor.
I rushed to the hallway, but I didn’t see Kirigiri. Maybe she went ahead.
A: Actually, she had gloves. She could probably get past the roses with those.
B: I don’t think even she would be able to get past here.
>juicedup14 chooses A
Actually, she had gloves. She could probably get past the roses with those. That’s what I
thought, and I went forward. I swung the knife and went past the roses. I finally reached the end
of the hall.
A heavy-looking iron door was there. I grabbed the cold handles and opened it.

It’s a greenhouse. Even the ceiling and walls were lined with thick glass. Similar to the
laboratory, many various plants were growing all over the place. Maybe all these were for
research? I saw Kirigiri’s face from past the greenery.
“Hey, it’s cold of you to just leave me alone like that.”

I waved my hand and moved closer to her. With a surprised expression, she looked over to me
and attempted to run away. She tried to hide behind some grass. I noticed that she was wearing
completely different clothes than before; an absolutely plain one piece dress.
That’s not Kirigiri, it’s the girl that’d been running away. Even so, she resembled Kirigiri very
much. Enough that I mistook her at first glance.
I panickedly tried talking to her. She went to a corner of the room, and became frightened when
she was cornered. With teary eyes, she looked at me. Her face certainly looked like Kirigiri’s, but
she had much more expression than she did. You could actually read her expressions.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”
I opened my hands to show that I was not trying to hurt her. I noticed that I was clumsily holding
that knife in my right hand, and I panickedly threw it to my feet.
She hesitantly nodded.
“Do you live here, in this mansion?”
She nodded.
“What’s your name?”
That’s the first time she opened her mouth. With such a faint voice, it almost sounded like she
was sighing. Her age was probably the same as Kirigiri’s. No matter how much I looked at her,
she looked exactly like her. Kirigiri said she didn’t know anything about this mansion, but seeing
as her and Kyouka looked almost the same, there’s no way it’s a coincidence.

I was at a loss of what to ask her. She turned around when there’s a noise at the iron door.
Someone came in. It’s Kirigiri.
“Oh, you finally caught her? Good job,” she said impressed. When she noticed Kyouka right in
front of her, she also noticed that she looked exactly like herself. She surprisedly widened her
“I want to ask that child there something.”
Kirigiri tried to confront Kyouka. Kyouka, being afraid of Kirigiri, stepped back. She looked just
like her. They’re both very symmetrical.
“Are you the one who called me to this mansion? What kind of intention do you have? Do you
plan to lock us up here?”
“Don’t interrogate her like that.”
I got between the two of them.
At that time, Kyouka handed me a piece of paper.

What was this? Kirigiri pushed me away and tried to get closer to Kyouka. I grabbed Kirigiri’s
hand and stopped her.
“What are you doing?”
Kirigiri turned around and looked at me with cold eyes. Her expression didn’t change much, but
you could tell she was very irritated with me.
“She’s scared. You’re not going to get anything from her with you way of questioning.”
While stopping Kirigiri, Kyouka suddenly snuck through the grass and went through the door.
She looked at me once, before going through the door and running down the hallway.
“Why are you taking her side? She’s the one who brought me here.”
“Is that really true? I don’t think so.”
“Do you have any evidence for that?”
“Evidence? Um…..”
“Are you saying you can see it from her eyes?” Kirigiri said surprised as she put her hands on
her hips.
I couldn’t argue with that. To be honest, it’s just as Kirigiri said. I sympathized with her is all. I
didn’t have any logic or evidence for those feelings.
“On the contrary, do you really have no relation to this mansion? That Kyouka girl looks like your
twin. How do you explain that?”
“Her name is Kyouka?”
“Don’t pretend like you don’t know. With you two looking so similar, there’s no way you don’t
know about this.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know about this whatsoever. And I don’t have any twins or siblings that I
was separated from. There’s no way that’s correct.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“My family is a bit special. If I did have a twin sister, then no one would overlook that fact.”

“Well then, who is Kyouka then? How do you explain her?”
“I can only guess, but I don’t want to think about it.”
She crossed her arms and glared at me. She casted down her eyes.
I remembered that I had a note in my hand that Kyouka gave me. When I interrupted Kirigiri, I
sneakingly opened it. What’s written on it?
“Help me. Please trust me.”

Is she asking for help? Could she be trapped in this mansion as well?
“Can I ask you something?” I asked Kirigiri.
“Yeah, go ahead.”
“You said you were ordered to go here. What does that have to do with being a detective? Do
you have to solve a case or something?”
“I don’t intend to disclose the request–however I don’t even know the details of the request. I
never talked to them in person.”
“And you just happened to bump into me at the appointed place?”
“Yeah. At first I thought you were an assistant to the client, and I was surprised that you were
just an ordinary student without another side. I think the reason the place was appointed by
phone was so only I know the mansion’s location. It wouldn’t be known by anyone, such as a
taxi driver.”
“Did you come halfway by taxi?”
“That’s right. It’s not like I can’t drive, but it would be against the law if I did.”
“I see…”
“Or maybe the request was bait to bring me to the mansion. It’s something that happens quite a
“So then, Kyouka had some sort of plan. She had a purpose to bring you here.”
Kirigiri nodded.
“Just what is she planning?”
“She’s probably planning to kill me.”
“Kill? Why would she do that?”
“Maybe it’s some sort of doppelganger thing. There can only be one, maybe that’s the thing.”
Does that sort of thing exist?

Because Kirigiri looked like her, she’ll kill her? If so, what does the message she gave me
“Please help me. Trust me.”
Trust… If I were to trust Kyouka, then what would that mean for Kirigiri? Should I have been
thinking about Kirigiri? Could it have been that Kirigiri was the one who’s lying? Or maybe she’s
planning to kill Kyouka, and that’s why she had infiltrated the mansion. Wait, I felt like I knew
this message. ((Flashbacks to a similar looking note.))
Think. Kirigiri or Kyouka, who should I believe? Who should I trust?
A: Kirigiri’s story made sense. I don’t think she would lie. I believed Kirigiri’s words.
B: This is a sincere message from Kyouka. I believed in Kyouka.
>juicedup14 chooses A

Kirigiri’s story made sense. I don’t think she would lie. I believed Kirigiri’s words. I trust her.
“Hey, can you look at this?”
I showed her the message I got from Kyouka.
“Huh, so that’s it….” She said, looking far away.

“What is it?”
“I understand now what happening in this mansion.”
“Really? I don’t really get anything that’s happening at all. Also, I feel like I’ve seen this message
somewhere before.”
“You’re clever, aren’t you? It’s true that you’ve seen that message before.”
“Huh, where?”
“You should know by now, shouldn’t you?”
“Uh… no… not really.”
“First, let’s go chase after Kyouka. It would take too long if I tried to explain it now.”
We went out into the hallway.

There were even more roses covering the hallway. Did they grow so much from just this little bit
of time? I went back into the greenhouse and picked up the knife. I cut through the roses as we
proceeded through the hallway.
“It’s almost as if these roses are protecting Kyouka….”
Or maybe, they had a will of their own and were trying to get in our way.
Going through the roses in the hallway, we finally got to the stairs and ran down.
“Where could Kyouka be?”
“All we can do is look through every room. There are many places that we haven’t searched
When she got down the stairs, there was a door right next to her, and she put her hands on it.
It’s locked. She headed to the left wall where there’s another door.
That door opened easily. It’s a narrow hallway that’s also damp and humid. It went on for a
while. We opened the door that’s way in the back. Fluorescent lights illuminated the white room,
somewhat like a sterile hospital room. I thought that it would be another laboratory or
something, but there were no plants covering the room like the laboratory on the second floor.
This place was kept organized and hygienic.
It’s quite large. In the middle of the room, there’s a room surrounded by glass containing a small

It’s an odd flower growing. At just a glance, it looked like a cactus mixed with a carnivorous
plant. If you looked closely, it also resembled the bottom part of a human.
The bottom part looked like it’s buried in the dirt, like a corpse growing, and I unconsciously
gasped. If you look closely, it’s not like it resembles a human very much. The arms are rounded
with no fingers, and the facial features are all in an uneven level.
However, that plant is in the flower bed inside the glass room, and it seems like there are
around ten of them lined up. Like the sight of a nightmare.
“Could this be the result of their research…” Kirigiri calmly said, though you could hear a bit of
shaking in her voice. Even then, she opened the sterilized automatic door and goes inside.
“What is this? Is it alive?”
“There’s no doubt that it’s alive. The problem is… Is this a plant, or is it an animal...Or is it
“Human? This?”
“If they’re going to combine animal and plant DNA, then of course they’re going to use human
DNA as well. There must have been a slight experiment, but this is the ideal development of
botany. However, it seems that they’ve gone past the boundary and created a twisted figure. Is
this the secret of the mansion?”
Kirigiri scooped up the dirt at her feet and looked at it.
“This room is different from all the other places, they actually take care of the plants here. Even
now, someone is taking care of it.”
“Is it Kyouka?”
“I wonder.”
Kirigiri, like it’s nothing, touched one of the plants.
All of a sudden, the plant stood and reacted. The cactus-looking plant grabbed Kirigiri’s slender
arm and wrapped around it. Kirigiri had no time to react, and her arms become bounded by it.

Kirigiri tried to wring herself out of it, but it seemed the plant was stronger and wouldn’t let her
escape. I panicked and jumped into the sterile room. I attacked and struck the plant’s arm with
the knife. Unlike a human, I wouldn’t stop at stabbing a plant. However, when I stabbed it, it
shook slightly and an ear piercing scream echoed. It sounded like it was screaming in pain.
However, where I stabbed it with the knife, a deep red liquid leaked out.
“Is this blood?”
I stepped back with the knife in my hand. With my hand red with blood, I lost my presence of
mind. It’s almost like I stabbed a living human.

As if the plant was mad, it swung it’s wounded arm and wrapped its appendages around
Kirigiri’s neck.
Kirigiri did her best to get it off, but it didn’t budge. The ringing became stronger. She wasn’t
even able to let out a voice. Dammit, what should I do? I looked at the bloody knife.
“Don’t hurt them anymore.”
I heard a voice from behind me. When I turned around, Kyouka was standing at the entrance of
the room. She’s holding her own slender body, and went through the door.
“Those children are alive.”
“But they’re going to kill her!”
“There’s nothing I can do anymore.”
Kyouka shook her head weakly. Kirigiri, in the twisted plants arms, suffered.
“All we want to do is live peacefully… However because you kept looking around the mansion,
you can’t leave alive.”
“Weren’t you the one who called for the detective?”
“No, don’t be fooled by her lies. She heard rumors of a mansion, and she came here of her own
interest. Detectives are beings who like exposing truths. She couldn’t resist her own desires.
She even brought you here into this mess.”
That’s totally different from what I heard from Kirigiri. She wasn’t brought here by Kyouka? She
wanted to reveal the mystery of the mansion, and came here of her own free will? Well then,
she brought this upon herself then, didn’t she?
“Now will you believe in me?”
She looked straight at me.
“I know that you just unfortunately got wrapped up into this. That’s why if you promise not to tell
anyone else, I’ll escort you to the exit. Please, don’t say anything and just leave.”

It seemed that Kyouka was begging to me.
Those pleads and expression told the truth more than Kirigiri’s face, which you could never
read. That’s what I tried to convince myself of. I glanced over at Kirigiri. She’s losing power to
If I were to leave now, Kirigiri would most definitely faint and die. What should I do?
A: “Okay, I’ll leave.”
B: “There’s no way I can abandon her now!”
>juicedup14 chooses B
“There’s no way I can abandon her now!”
I swung the knife and cut the plant’s arm. Blood splattered and a scream emanated. Without
heeding any mind to that, I stabbed the plant over and over, and I was finally able to cut it.
Kirigiri was released from the arm, and while coughing, she crouched down. It seemed that
she’s safe.
“I thought that you would be able to understand,” Kyouka said with a cold expression. That
expression, was really like Kirigiri.
“Kyouka, I want to know what you’re trying to say. It’s true, we’ve ruined an important place of
yours. I apologize for that. I’m truly sorry. But even so, that’s no reason to kill her.”
I helped Kirigiri up. However, she stood up by herself. She’s a strong girl.
“I won’t tell anyone about this. I swear. So please, let us go home.”
“Can I trust you?”
While leaning against a wall, she asked with a weak voice.
“Yeah, we won’t disturb your peace anymore.”
“I understand what you’re trying to say and how you feel, but what about the detective? Unless I
get a direct promise from her, I can’t trust you guys.”
“Hey, can you talk?”
I looked at Kirigiri and asked her.
Kirigiri raised her head from coughing and wiped away the hair on her cheeks, and looked at
“I have no intention of looking away from the truth.”
“Hey, what are you saying?”
“You just want to leave peacefully? That’s a lie! She hasn’t told the truth once!”
She looked at Kyouka with a sharp gaze. Even though it looked like she let her off safe, she
went on and said that.
“I’m not saying the truth?”
Kyouka tilted her head like she heard something unexpected.
“Yeah. You’re hidden away from sight of other humans and live here peacefully… That kind of
fairy tail isn’t true. The truth is much more cruel.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“They’re all murderers. I’m sure they’ve killed many people up until now. Isn’t that right?”
In response to Kirigiri’s question, Kyouka stared back at her with a cold gaze and said nothing.
“It could be that people who get lost and wind up in this mansion never get to go back home.
Because this is a man-eating mansion. It’s not just that. Maybe, just like me, you draw people

here. You bait people with requests and kill them. Because detectives are very mission-oriented
“And what was being burned in the fireplace was the victim’s remains.”
“That’s ridiculous. What was being burned were my clothes. Because I didn’t need them, I got
rid of them.”
“There were peoples’ identification cards.” ((Detective Library DSC cards?))
“I don’t know about that. Maybe some other cards just got mixed in there.”

“Well then, what’s this?”
Kirigiri took out the paper she found in the ashes. The memo that said “Help me.”
“Who knows? I don’t know anything about that.”
“That’s not true. You’re lying. There’s no way you shouldn’t know about this. The handwriting of
this memo and the one you gave to him had the same handwriting. Especially the ‘Help Me’
part. It’s even in the same place. Basically, you wrote both of those.”

The evidence that Kirigiri showed made Kyouka at a loss for an argument. Now that you
mentioned it, that’s true. Both of the memos’ writings were the same.
“What does this message mean?”
“Surely you know, don’t you? This message that asks for help makes people feel empathetic,
and let their guard down. Maybe you used the same method with other victims. The more
perception of right and wrong that a person has, the more effective this memo is, isn’t it? I can’t
even imagine how many detectives you brought here.”
“But why would you keep killing people like that?”
“Because there isn’t enough nutrition.”
“The important plants that she’s growing. Their nutrition, or maybe you can call it their food.”
The plants that looked like twisted humans. Could it be that Kyouka invited people to this
mansion, killed them, and then feed them to these plants? Thinking about that made me dizzy.
“They are children who could not become human.”
She slowly walked up to the glass panel by the flower bed.
“In order to make their form into human, they need nourishment. They were born when
someone created them by chance. They are incomplete and sad creatures…Even so, I will not
abandon them.”
Next to the glass, Kyouka fell to her knees and looked down. All of the plants in the flower bed
started shaking at once. A disgusting, repulsive voice came out. They all started crying out for
nutrients. Using their roots as feet and hands, they started crawling out from the glass.
Kyouka… were they worried about Kyouka? They thought Kyouka had been surrounded. They
suddenly turned towards me and Kirigiri.
“It seems that they think we’re their enemy.”
“Isn’t that kinda bad?”
“Let’s run away.”
We all ran as fast as we could out of the room.
Once we got out to the hallway, all of a sudden an unknown figure appeared before us.

There’s a suit of armor standing right in front of us. It’s the one that was sitting on the sofa in the
reception room. He took out the dagger from his hip and swung it greatly.
“He’s moving!”
“I don’t think you should be surprised at this kind of time.”
Kirigiri quickly crouched down and performed a foot sweep. Surprisingly, the suit of armor fell.
Through the gaps in the armor, various leaves sprung out.
“He’s nothing to worry about.”
We get to the entrance hall.

Something abnormal happened. The tree that was growing in the flower bed somehow grew,
and it’s still rapidly growing. All the roots were spreading around the room, moving along the
ground like feelers.
“This is bad.”
Kirigiri suddenly tackled me as a whip-like root lashed in front of me. The whip only grazed me,
but Kirigiri fell to her side. She got slammed into the tree trunk. Suddenly, all the roots, like a
large snake, began binding her.
“Are you okay?!”
I rushed over to where Kirigiri is. I attempted to reach out to her, but the roots stayed in my way.
The roots of the tree were hard. Even if I stabbed it with the knife, I could only do a little bit of
“I can’t let you people get away!”
Kyouka appeared in the hallway. Around her, there were various abnormal plants. But it's not
just that. In the entrance hall, various leaves and vines grew thicker. It’s almost like they’re
moving by her will. They started covering us. The vines around Kirigiri grew tighter as her face
became distorted in pain. She stretched out her hand from the vines of the tree, and reached
out towards me.
“Use this.”
She held something in her hand. I went over the roots of the tree and ran to where she is.
Right as I’m one step in front of her, one of the vines tied around my feet, and I fell to the
I couldn’t give up just yet. As I laid on the floor, I stretched my hand out to Kirigiri. She opened
her hand and dropped something in front of me.
I graciously caught it in my hand. It’s a small flask, the one we found in the hidden room.
“Throw that at her.”

Kirigiri’s voice was like a divine revelation falling upon me. I sprung my body up and stood to
face where Kyouka was, by the hallway.
I aimed at Kyouka and threw the small flask at her. Please hit…! Just as I aimed, it hit Kyouka’s
body and broke, and the liquid coated her. At that moment, Kyouka screamed and covered her
Before my eyes, Kyouka’s skin became drier, almost like a mummy.

All at once, all the plants that were covering the hallway stop moving, lost control, then went
crazy and began to act violently. But because of that, Kirigiri’s binds loosened and she freed
herself. She fell to the ground.
“Are you okay”
“Yeah, I’m fine. More importantly, let’s run away.”
We headed towards the window. One of the rampaging vines broke through the window and
bent the bars, making an opening there. We both jumped through the gap.
In the rain, we headed towards the gate. We could hear Kyouka’s cries of agony behind us.
“What was in the flask?” I asked Kirigiri while running.
“It was a powerful herbicide.”
“Huh? Does that mean…”
Certainly to humans, herbicide is poisonous. But having it cover you wouldn’t hurt that much.
“If they’re experimenting with animal and plant DNA, then of course they’re going to combine
human DNA as well.” I remembered when Kirigiri said that.
Suddenly, Kyouka’s screams echoed through the forest, and they suddenly stopped. We went
past the gate and turned around.
There, we didn’t see the mansion anymore. One great tree grew. As if trying to take in the force
around it, all the plants surrounded it.
Kirigiri looked at the forest, with cold eyes that hadn’t changed since I met her. If it wasn’t for
her, I would’ve thought that this was all a dream.
Even so, the girl that looked just like her, Kyouka. What was she? At this point, we can’t know. If
only there was a chance to get to know her more. Would I have been able to understand her?
Kirigiri turned her back to the gate and started walking.

“Is this the end?” I asked Kirigiri.
“The client is gone now. This is it, the job ends here.”
“I see. Well, I’m glad that we’re both safe.”
“Yeah.” All the way to the end, Kirigiri was always so cold.
“What’s going to happen from now on?”
“We go home.”
“And this forest?”
“That’s right. You’re going to escort me, right Kohei?”
The Plant Girl Route: Cleared
Route 1 out of 6 (+2) Complete

((juicedup14 starts the game once again, and skips to the first choice))
Suddenly IA.
Turn the wheel.
B. Hit the brake.
C. Pretend I didn’t see her.
>juicedup14 chooses the newly appeared option C

I didn’t see her. I had an idea for salaryman expectations, so now wasn’t the right time for
driving. The car suddenly impacted her. I dodged, but she was able to evade it as if nothing
happened, and walked over to the side of the road.
What amazing athletic ability! Was that a stick plus dodge movement? I confirmed that she’s
safe in the back mirror, and I stopped the car.
In this kind of forest, in this kind of time, what was a girl doing here? And without an umbrella.
Could she be a ghost? She quietly walked closer to the car.

She looked like a high schooler. She had long hair, and only had a braid on her left side. It left
an impression. Looking at her face, it’s almost as if she had no expression. With composure,
she walked up to the side of the car.
I rolled down the window and said,
A: “Don’t walk in the middle of the road, idiot!”
B: “I’m sorry, are you okay?”
C: “C-Could you be a ghost? You’re not a ghost are you?”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“C-Could you be a ghost? You’re not a ghost, are you?”
“I was about to become one because of you,” She said with eyes that made me want to
“I’m sorry! I was careless and wasn’t looking. I didn’t notice.”
“Is that so?” She responded as if she didn’t care whatsoever about my excuses. It’s hard to tell
from her expression, but you could at least tell that she’s extremely mad. More than just a deep
red heat, it was like a sharp knife below freezing.
And there I was enjoying how she was looking at me like trash. That’s right… Look at me even
more… No no, now’s not the time to be thinking about that sort of thing.
Even so, what is this girl?
A: Do you live here?
B: “You look like a very weird looking girl,” I think and then close the window.
C: It would be troublesome if she was hurt. I kept apologizing to her.
>juicedup14 chooses C
It would be troublesome if she was hurt. I kept apologizing to her.
“I really didn’t mean it. I’ll pay more attention when I’m driving from now on. Please accept my
humble apologies.”

I apologized multiple times. The girl, expressionless, looked deep into my eyes and slightly
shook her head.
It’s like she’s stared deep into my soul. As if she had given up on me, she ignored me and
began walking. I became relieved, closed the window, and began driving once again.
I immediately passed her, and couldn’t see her in the back mirror anymore. Good grief, I’m glad
nothing happened. Anyways, I needed to get out of this forest as fast as possible.
I suddenly sped up. I tried turning on the radio again, but all I heard was static.

All of a sudden, I saw a light go across the sky. What was that right now?
Was it a falling star? Or a meteor? Maybe it was that fireball in the sky that I’ve been hearing
about. It seemed there would be a meteor shower tonight. It’s possible, despite the rain clouds
covering the sky. If a meteor were to fall over Earth, it may just be a luminescent phenomenon.
I paid attention and glanced at the sky. If it wasn’t cloudy, then I’d be able to see the night sky
pretty well. At that time, I saw another ball of light. But this time it was going the opposite
direction. That’s very odd, isn’t it? I’ve never heard of a meteor going back and forth.

I immediately stopped the car. I took out the umbrella from the back seat, and I went outside.
While holding the umbrella, I looked up. Maybe I’ll see the meteorite fall again. I took out the
camera from the car and waited. But no matter how much I waited, the sky stayed dark. I guess
a meteor wouldn’t fall that easily. Then I heard steps from behind me.

As I turned around, the girl that I almost ran over earlier walked towards me. Did she turn into a
monster?! Wait, I didn’t run her over. If it’s the same path, of course she would get here. This is
She got closer without even paying attention to me.
A: I can’t let her ignore me. I talked to her.
B: I Ignored her.
C: I received some sort of signal.
>juicedup14 chooses A
I can’t let her ignore me. I talked to her.
“Hey, we meet again.”
She looked suspiciously at the camera I’m holding.
“Oh, this? I heard you can see falling stars pretty well tonight, so…”
She looked up at the sky. It’s raining. She looked at me with even more doubt than before.
“Yeah, the rain’s pretty bad, isn’t it? Wait, don’t you have an umbrella? I’ll give you this one.” I
tried to hand her the umbrella, but she won’t take it.
“Are you hiding something?”
“I’m not hiding anything.”
“It’s kinda forced. What kind of person, by themselves, would looked up at the sky with a
camera? No matter how you look at it, it’s suspicious.”
“Um, this is just…”
For the time being, I put the camera inside the car, and turned around like nothing happened.
“If you’re going to say that, then you’re pretty suspicious yourself.”
“Is there something suspicious about me?”
“At night, in this kind of forest, I can’t think of any reason for a girl to be walking around.”
“I’m just here for work.”

“Work? What kind of work?”
“It’s a secret,” she said while she averted her eyes.
“You see, you are suspicious.”
“This is going nowhere.”
She looked like she’s had enough of the conversation, and started walking off.
“Wait, what about the umbrella? You don’t need it? Actually, if you’re familiar with this place, can
you tell me how to get back?”
I tried to stop her and walked away from my car. At that time, a beam of light hit the ground and
attacked a tree. After a flash, a roar echoed through the area. I covered my ears and fell to the
ground. I let go of the umbrella, and it flowed through the wind. It seemed that the girl was
surprised as well, and turned around. The light that attacked the tree caused it to burst into
flames. It fell towards my car.
All of a sudden, in front of me, my car squashed into a pancake and flames erupted.
“My car… my telescope… my camera.”
“If you don’t get away, it’ll be dangerous.”

She grabbed my arm and forcefully pulled me from my car. My whole student life was inside of
that car. Even so… ah! I was really upset that I didn’t have my umbrella. It seemed that I just
had my phone in my pocket. I looked at the screen, but it’s out of range. I couldn’t call for help.
And now, the path is blocked by a flaming tree. We can’t go back.
Just what happened now?
“Did you see that just now?”
I got up and asked her.
“Yeah. A beam of light fell.”
“It must have been a meteorite. I saw a different one a while ago. That’s why I had the camera.
You see, I’m not suspicious at all.”
“It is suspicious…”
“You’re still going to doubt me?”
“No, not that. If a meteorite were to make a tree fall, then the impact should had affected the
whole area. But if I look, only the tree was impacted. There’s no other damage.”
Now that she mentioned it, that’s right. With that kind of force, we should have all been blown
away. There was no time between me seeing the beam and when it burst into flames. If it were
a meteorite, then it would take some time for it to reach the ground.
“Well then, what was that light just now?”
“Who knows?”
She put her hands to her hips and shook her head.
I looked at her again. She’s quite a beautiful girl. She only looked like a ghost when I first saw
her. It might be because of her pale skin.
A: “What’s your name?”
B: “What are your hobbies?”
C: “What are the conditions to be accepted as your marriage partner?”

D: “Who cares, let’s just get married!”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“What are the conditions to be accepted as your marriage partner?”
“What?” She asked and glared at me sharply.
“We have been together for quite a while now. We need to know what we both like.”
“You don’t come close to even the first conditions.”
“Huh? What?”
“And what do you mean for quite a while?”
“If you think about this situation, we’re a man and woman lost in a rainy forest. We need to work
together to get through the night.”
“I haven’t lost my way of where to go.”
“Is that so? Do you live around here? That would help a lot!”
“It’s not my house, but if we walk a bit more, we’ll reach the client’s mansion.”
“The client’s…?”
“I won’t say anymore. Just guess.” She began walking. I rushed to where she was headed.
“Have you been walking alone in the mountains all this time?”
“Of course not. I got here by taxi.”
“So why didn’t the taxi take you to the client’s destination?”
“Because the client didn’t designate it.”
She suddenly stopped, turned around, and glared at me.
“Please don’t pry so much.”
I solemnly dropped my shoulders.
“Oh, by the way, my name is…”
“I already know it.”
“Huh? How?”
“Your car number told me.”
“Oh, my car number… huh?”
In detective dramas, they can take out information from car numbers, but I didn’t think a normal
person could do that. That’s ridiculous.
Speaking of which, she was designated by a client. Just who is this kid? There were a lot of
mysteries. For now, I needed to follow her. Suddenly, the path stopped being gravel and turned
into a wild path. If I were alone, I would definitely have turned back.
“Does someone really live past here?”
“Who knows?”
“What do you mean who knows…?”
“I see a light.”
She pointed to the end of the path. Between the gaps in the trees, I could vaguely see a bit of
light, though it’s not very reliable.
“I don’t have a good feeling about this…”
“If you don’t like it, then this is were we say farewell.”
“Wait, please wait.”
“If you want to turn back, then I won’t stop you. I don’t have any reason to be together with you.”

“Don’t say that kind of thing. My car is destroyed, and I’m in big trouble. I just need to borrow a
phone. I won’t bother you.”
“I’m sure the client will allow it,” she said, and started walking into the forest.
She really was cold, a very thorny girl. She probably didn’t have a lot of friends, I would have
thought. I looked at her back and chased after her. I had to abide by her.
As we walked through the forest, the light grew closer. Suddenly, our view opened up, and I
could see a mansion in front of us.
It’s a huge mansion.
It’s an old style Western architecture, which looked like something out of a theme park. It’s
stained black, and vines were growing along the windows. If not for that, it’d look like something
out of a fairy tale. It’s almost like a haunted mansion. I saw the entrance is lit up. This must have
been the light we saw.
“Who lives here?”
“I wonder.”
“You really don’t know anything, do you?”
“This is my first time being her, after all. From what I’ve researched, I don’t hear very good
“For a whole year, various missing persons incidents have been occurring. They say that
they’ve been spirited away, and there aren’t many people around here any more.
“Spirited away, huh?”
“The cause has some dispute, but it could be this mansion.”
She opened the rusted gate and goes through it.
“You’re going to go in, even though you said that?”

“You’re not scared?”
She didn’t answer my question, and walked towards the mansion.
She probably was scared. I couldn’t help but see that her hands were shaking a little bit. Or she
could have been cold from this rain. I had to look cool in this kind of situation.
A: “I’m going too.”
B: I’ll man up and go too. ((It’s literally just him saying option A but with super masculine
C: “We’re with you!”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“We’re with you!” I said. She looked at me with narrow eyes.
“What do you mean ‘we’?”
“Oh, um… It looked like a good choice in the choice selection, so…”
She became expressionless and began walking again. It didn’t feel good, for her to ignore me
like that. I suddenly chased after her.
Around the area of the mansion, it looked like various plants were growing. It didn’t look like it’s
been kept very well. There were several plants that I’d never seen before, growing in weird
ways. All of this chaos brought me fear.
We reached the door. Without hesitating, she knocked on the door.

As we waited, there was no response. I tried turning the door knob.
As I grabbed the door knob, I felt something moist, and I pulled my hand away. I looked at my
hand and saw a gray, slimy substance.
“What is this… slime?”
“It must be some sort of forest liquid. Don’t worry about it, let’s open it.”
“You’re the one with gloves. How about you open it?”
“No, I don’t want to. My gloves aren’t made for touching that kind of slimy forest goop.”
“So you’re going to make me touch it?”
“You already touched it. Isn’t it the same?”
It’s no use. I endured the grossness and turned the knob. I quickly opened it.
“Use this.” She handed me a handkerchief.
“Thanks, I’ll wash it before giving it ba—”
“You don’t need to give it back.”
We immediately entered inside.

It’s quite a large entrance hall, with a high ceiling. I didn’t see anybody. It’s so quiet that I heard
our own heartbeats.
“No one is here.”
I looked around the hall.
“It has to be here. There’s no doubt that this is the place.”
She said that as she went to the middle of the room. Close by, there were some stairs to the left
and right that went up in a curve. The left and right walls each had a door. There’s a grandfather
clock, keeping time by the stairs.
Compared to the outside of the mansion, it looked well kept and organized inside. If it wasn’t for
the clock, it would have seemed like this place was stopped in time forever. The weirdest part
was that there’s a flower bed, on the side of the entrance hall.

It’s a brick flower bed with a single tree growing. I thought it was a pretty old tree, judging by the
size of it. The leaves reached up all the way to the ceiling. There’s a tree inside the mansion.
I didn’t know the name of this kind of tree. All the veins surrounding the trunk made it look like
some sort of monster.
“What a weird tree.” I got closer to it. At that time, the right hand door opened.

Was that the owner of the mansion? I prepared to greet them, and I wondered how to carry this
out. But what appeared from the door wasn’t human. It was a meter long rat-looking creature.
It wasn’t a normal rat. From its nose, bizarre slender feelers were growing. They moved around
very weirdly, and moreover those feelers were pointed towards the ground, like legs. It moved
around like an octopus. What was this creature!? When it got into the hall, it noticed our
existence and stopped.
Our eyes met. As I looked at the black eyes, it looked almost cute, like a fur seal.

((reference to a line in DR0?))
“What is this?”
“Who knows?”
It seemed she’d encountered something she didn’t know either.
A: Could this be a Spielberg type of thing? I pointed out my index finger.
B: This had to be an Emmerich type of thing. I harden my fist, as if punching it.
>juicedup14 chooses B
This had to be an Emmerich type of thing. I was ready to punch it. Suddenly, the weird feelers
gpt closer.
“Go home! Bastard!”
I swung my fist at it. But hiding inside the feelers was a repulsive mouth. It showed its fangs and
I’m going to get eaten! I fell back on my butt. As it’s about to fall onto me –
A white coated man, with a spear in his hand, appeared at the top of the stairs. He gracefully
descended, like a rose. He put all his weight onto the tip of the spear, and it pierced through the
mysterious creature. It let out a scream, like a frog being squished, and died.
The white coated man slowly stood up, and looked over here. On his head, he had a bizarre
hairstyle, like two horns. An appearance that, if you saw once, you’d never forget.
“Did you get bit?”
He fixed his sleeves and stretched his hand out towards me, and helped me up.
“Yeah, I’m fine…”
“You’re lucky. These are called Rhinogradentia. It seems they got past the trap and somehow
got into the mansion.”
He pulled out the spear, and wiped away the green liquid on the tip with a swipe.
“Who are you?”

“My name—— is Santa Shikiba. People call me the Super High School Level Botanist.”
“Super High School Level…? Could that be…”
I heard about it. High school students with excelling ability, who are gathered in a government
funded academy for privileged students. Wait, he’s a high school student? He didn’t look like it
from his appearance. Anyways, this Shikiba guy had an astounding presence to him.
“Oh, you’re here!”
This time, from above, a girl’s voice was heard.

Looking up, there was a girl with a white coat standing above the stairs, leaning over the railing.
She waved her hand.
“Welcome to the Earth Plants Against Invaders Defense Force headquarters!”
Earth Defense… Headquarters…? Huh?
“Let’s talk about this in the other room. Please, follow me.”
Shikiba opened the door in the front. As if he remembered something, before he entered the
room he asked us, “Are you ready for the high pressure responsibility of giving yourself up for
the protection of Earth?”
“Uh? Sure…”
I felt like I had been asked something really cool. I didn't really understand what he meant, so I
just said whatever.
“Well then, enter.”
We all followed Shikiba into the room.

The room looked like a busy person’s meeting place, or a warehouse in disorder. Tables were
lined up along the wall, where many monitors were mounted. Maps, files, and clippings were
placed on the whiteboard. On the table were binoculars and whatnot, scattered all around.
As Shikiba entered the room, he swept away the stuff on top of the table with his free hand. He
spread out a map on the table.
“Please stop opening maps like you’re in a Hollywood movie, Shikiba. It always sucks cleaning it
When the white coated girl entered the room, she locked the door. It’s the girl that was upstairs.
“Welcome to the Earth Defense Force headquarters.” Shikiba put out his hand for a handshake.
I hesitated, but he respectfully passed by that and took her hand.
“You’re the Super High School Level Detective, Kyoko Kirigiri, aren’t you?”
Without saying anything, she nodded her head.
What was this? Was she a student of that school as well, and a detective? Unbelievable
information kept getting blurted out. My head couldn’t organize all this.
“Even though it was an anonymous request, I’m glad that you’ve come all this way. Sorry for
being so ill-mannered. There were circumstances, so please understand.”
“I don’t really mind that, though I have to decline one thing. On the way here, this man had an
accident. I had no choice but to bring him,” she explained while looking at me with a sidelong
“My name is Kohei Matsudaira. There’s been a terrible accident, and she helped me.”
“What do you mean an accident?”
I explained about the meteorite that fell down.
“I don’t think those were meteorites. That must’ve been their attack.”

“It’s nothing for them, to burn down a tree with their light beams. The light that you saw many
times was probably their UFO.”
What? UFO… What a ridiculous thing he said.
“Seeing as how you’ve survive one of their attacks, you’re already a comrade in battle. Your
name is Kohei, right? I welcome you.”
“What? Huh?”
“Aren’t you glad?” Kirigiri asked with a cold expression. All I wanted to do was borrow a phone.
“Well then, allow me to introduce her. That girl’s name is Kyouka, this army’s most powerful
recruit. If there’s something you don’t understand, then ask her. Let’s all get along.”
Kyouka smiled. She looked somewhat like Kirigiri. Her long hair left an impression. Unlike
Kirigiri, her hair was not in a triple braid, and her expressions were lively.
Even so, what kind of group was this? Could it be that I got myself into a crazy situation?
“Well then, before I explain the request to Kirigiri, you need to understand the situation.”
Shikiba held a pointing rod, and stood in front of the white board.
“One year ago, near these mountains, one UFO crash landed.”
He smoothly said something ridiculous. There’s no room for me to butt in.
“As you know, there are numerous stars that inhabit our universe. Within those, the possibility of
intelligent life existing is numerous as well. When you think about it in the scale of the universe,
the likelihood of two different civilizations meeting each other at the same time is almost zero.
Almost! But it happened.”
Shikiba took one of the newspaper clippings off the board. It’s an article on UFO sighting
testimonies. On the photo, there was a clear picture of a UFO flying.
A: “This UFO… it’s CG isn’t it?”
B: “This UFO… is of the Adamski kind, isn’t it”

C: “This UFO… is the same kind from Planet Ummo .”
>juicedup14 chooses A
“This UFO… it’s CG isn’t it?”
Me, not being able to believe it, asked with 90% doubt.
“You have no idea how happy I would be if it was CG. Unfortunately, I have seen many UFOs in
reality. When you guys were coming here, did you see any lights in the sky?”
I flashbacked to the many times I saw lights in the sky, on my way here.
“Lately around the area, there has been more UFO flying activity. Almost like they’re showing us
their power. It’s unfortunate, but it seems they’ve attained high level aviation techniques. In
terms of culture, they succeeded over us. What this truth means… I shouldn’t have to say what
this points to, should I?”
How do you expect me to believe that…
“It’s an invasion, isn’t it?” Kirigiri entered.
“You’re correct.”
Shikiba nodded his head seriously.
“They seem to be a Level III civilization ,which means they have the power to control the Milky
Way Galaxy. They are a high level society, no doubt about it. They are Super Galaxy Level
And against Super Galaxy Level, we had Super High School Level. I already felt that there was
a massive scale difference between those two.
“I learned of their existence when I was walking around this area, for my botany research. I
found an unrecognizable flower. When I took it on my hand, it was one of the Rhinogradentia. I
think it was a different type than the one that attacked you. The one that I found was like a
flower that tricked its prey.”

“Even if they’re the same species of Rhinogradentia, there are different types.”
He put a picture of a Rhinogradentia on the table and explained.
“All the pictures are old.” Kirigiri pointed out.
“Sharp eye. All of these pictures are decades old.”
“Didn’t you say the UFOs came a year ago?” I tilted my head and said.
“Actually, since hundreds of years ago, the Rhinogradentia were planning on invading the Earth
in the Southern islands of Hy-yi-yi. They controlled a solitary community in the distant seas.”
It suddenly became an unbelievable story.
However, I had actually seen those Rhinogradentia. There’s no doubt about that part.
“Their invasion is steadily increasing. The war in the South Pacific has changed the situation.
When a certain Swedish man, named Einar Pettersson-Sk.mtkvist, escaped from a Japanese
detention camp, and happened to wash up onto the islands that held the Rhinogradentia, their
existence became known to the world. But this information has been sealed for a long time, and
has not been publicly announced. It’s only known about in top secret levels. All the photos were
taken around that time.”
“Um… Wait. At that time, what happened with the Rhinogradentia? Were they not able to chase
them away?”
“That’s right. But humanity’s victory was just part of coincidence.”
“It seemed that near the islands, extreme nuclear tests were being run, and the whole island got
What terrible irony. It seemed such terrible atomic weapons had saved humanity once.
“All of the Rhinogradentia at that time were destroyed. However, they’ve once again come to
Earth. And now, their numbers have increased, and they have the chance for one full invasion.

It seems that those who enter these woods become spirited away. It could be that the
Rhinogradentia mutilated them.”
Shikiba gripped his hand tightly.
“Wouldn’t it be faster if you called the police, or the FBI, or the MIB, or the United Nations?”
“If that were to happen, it would be all-out war. There’s no need for us to speed things up.
They’re still looking for an opening. We mustn’t act so rashly.”
“Well then, what do we do?”
“I’ve been fighting a quiet and private war for this whole year. I was lucky to find that their
invasion spot would be this abandoned mansion. I’ve been holding the fort here, looking for a
chance to attack.”
“However, they’ve been sending scouts here and there” Kyouka explained.
“If we don’t stop them here, then we would be allowing them to invade the rest of the Earth. In
order to protect this Earth, someone… no, I have to stand up and stop them.”
“Shikiba, there’s no need for you to take on that responsibility.”
“Are you telling me to just step away? That’s absolutely out of the question. As long as I know of
their existence, I have no choice but to fight. Ever since I decided that, I’ve been prepared for a
solitary fight. Like I said before, I can’t let anyone outside of the group know. If it escalated to an
all-out war, as an inferior civilization we would surely lose.”
So he was all alone, fighting with those gross Rhinogradentia. When I thought about that, I
couldn’t help but respect him.
“Since when have you been here, Kyouka?”
“When I was about to be mutilated by those Rhinogradentia, Captain Shikiba saved me. So, I
became a team member.”
“Now that it’s come to this, she’s an irreplaceable comrade. I can’t deny that we’ve been low on
manpower though.”
“So that’s where you need a hand, isn’t it?” Kirigiri, cross armed, got close to the desk and
asked. As expected of the Super High School Level Detective.

“Your judgement will be helpful. That’s what our request is. Please, save us.”
“Wait, hold on. Time out!”
I interrupted the conversation, and then whispered to Kirigiri.
“Are these people serious?
“I wonder. But it’s true that there are some bizarre creatures running around, and I see the
correlation to the missing people incident.”
“But I never heard about fighting those things.”
“I haven’t heard of it either. If I knew about it, I wouldn’t have come. I wonder what they think a
detective is.”
“Exactly. Hurry up and decline them, and let’s get out of here.”
“I’ll do it.”
“Yes, she’ll do it! … Wait, what!?”
“You’ve made a great decision. I knew you would say that. You guys might be humanity’s hope.
Welcome to the Earth Plants Against Invaders Defence Force!” Shikiba welcomed us with a
round of applause.
“Congratulations on your enlistments!” Kyouka joined him and clapped as well.
“What do you mean, ‘enlistments’? Do you mean me, too? I’m just ordinary, I’m not Super High
School Level or anything.”
“You don’t have to worry about that part. Kyouka is just like you. You’ll become a great troop.”
I only got lost in the mountains, and now I’d joined an Earth Defense Force… what was this
ridiculous turn of events?
“I’ll have you guys help me right away. Ask Kyouka for the details.”
Shikiba grabbed his spear and headed to the door.
“Oh? Where are you going, Captain?”
“I’m going to see if there are any other Rhinogradentia that got in.”

“Roger, take care.”
She saw him off as she saluted. Shikiba turned the doorknob as it clacked, but it didn’t open. He
kicked it down and headed out.
“It was only locked, geez. Why is Captain always so wild?”
Kyouka picked up the broken hinge and sighed. It’s not just wild with his craziness.
I was just going with the flow, and I accidentally joined in. Should I have been happy about that?
I asked Kirigiri…
A: “The Earth Defense Force isn’t something for detectives to do, is it?”
B: “I wonder if they’ll pay us?”
>juicedup14 chooses A
“You can’t do anything as a detective here, can you?”
“I’m just going to fulfill my request.”
“Don’t you have the right to decline?”
“I do. But seeing as how this case is related to the missing persons incident, I can’t let more
victims arise as a detective. And more so…”
As she fixed her gloves, she said, “A detective is an ally to the truth.”
She looked as if she was looking at something far away. I looked at her, but she said nothing
“We should get moving soon,” Kyouka said as she, from out of nowhere, pulled out a machine
gun and held it up to her shoulder.
“Is that a real gun?”
“Obviously. You won’t protect the Earth with a toy gun,” Kyouka answered and laughed. I
struggled to understand how she could laugh like that.
Kyouka took the lead and left the meeting room, and headed into the rooms next to the entrance

It’s a reception room. There’s a sofa lined in front of the couch. There were shelves decorating
the wall. It looked like there’s ash building up in the fireplace, but I didn’t think we could use it.
“Oh, Kyouka?” I asked to her back.
“What is it, Newbie?”
She even called me a newbie…
“I’ve been wondering. This Earth Defense Force is great and all, but what do you mean by Plant
Defense Force?”
“You have a good ear. Let’s talk while we walk.”
We headed through the door past the reception hall.
“You saw the Captain fighting a Rhinogradentia. However, no matter how tough he is, he can’t
do everything alone. He’s been using his talent, called a Super High School Level, as a botanist
in order to create a modified plant-based weapon.”
“Turn plants into weapons?”
“Yes. That’s the Plant Defense Force. Sort of like carnivorous plants. They trap creatures and
turn them into nutrients. Are you aware of those plants? He modified those so they would trap
Rhinogradentia, and placed them all around the mansion. I’m fairly certain that all the plants in
the garden are dangerous. It’d be best not to get close to them.”
“By the way, there’s a trap placed here in this room. However, it looks like it hasn’t been
Kyouka looked up at the ceiling and said. It looked like webbing-like vines had been spread
“What is this?”
“When it detects movement, the vines constrict. It’s the plants trait.”
When I heard that, I unconsciously stopped moving.

“You can go ahead and keep walking. At a certain speed it reacts, but it seems like they didn’t
get modified enough. There’s still room to grow.”
There were other plants that, when touched, shot bullet like things. There were ones that could
cause burning when you got close to them. Ones that released poisonous gas.
What a dreadful Super High School Level Botanist. This was the sole man who’d been
protecting the Earth? Kyouka opened the door and we entered the room.
It seemed that we were in the dining hall now. There’s a dirty cloth on the table. There’s also a
trunk on top of the table.
“Well then, I guess I’d like to get started with the mission.”
Kyouka opened the trunk case and took out some potted plants from inside. In the middle of the
pots, it looked like there was an open-looking budding plant growing.
“These are fly traps modified to be proximity mines. When the leaves are touched, the bud
explodes and released shrapnel.”
Kyouka handed Kirigiri the pot with a smile. Obviously, Kirigiri became a bit more tense.
“We’re going to place these in front of the windows. Try not to touch the leaves, or you’ll get
blown to smithereens.”
While being as cautious as possible, I set up the traps.

The windows had bars on them. It didn’t seem like you’d be able to infiltrate easily. From the
gaps in the bars, I could see the dark garden. But when I happened to look outside, all of a
sudden I saw black eyes appear. It’s a Rhinogradentia!
I suddenly jumped up and let go of the potted plant I was holding, throwing it.
As it flew through the air, the plant exploded. I saw the projection line in slow motion as I
thought back to a past memory…

A: My life flashed before my eyes.
B: I thought of a death poem.
C: Before I die, please tell… oh never mind.
>juicedup14 chooses A
My life flashed before my eyes.
When I was first born, when I was first able to do a pull-up, lots of things until I met Kirigiri.
She’s running.
She’s aiming for the bomb.
She flew like an outfield catcher, and she dived into the floor- Diving Catch!
The potted plant fell into Kirigiri’s hand. She safely captured it.
“What are you doing!? You newb! You carless piece of trash!” Kyouka raised her voice.
“Uh, I’m sorry.”
“We were about to get served up as diced steak for dinner if that happened!”
“But! There was something out there! The Rhinogradentia!”
Kyouka aimed her machine gun out the window, and secured the perimeter. But she
immediately shook her head.
“There’s nothing out there.”
“No, there really was something……”
“Even so, that’s not a good reason for you to let go of the bomb.”
Kirigiri got up. She put the claymore mine potted plant on top of the table, and fixed her hair.
She’s surprisingly calm.
“I’m truly sorry……”
“Do be careful. We’d all get blown up to hell-”
Then, on the other side of the door, an explosion was heard.
We widened our eyes, and looked over to the door.
“What was that just now……?”
“That was the sound of a set explosive mines going off! It’s in the kitchen. Let’s go search.”
We frighteningly opened the back door.
At the same time we opened it, we were met with the smell of smoke and gunpowder. There
were cooking utensils all over the floor, while the shelf doors were unhinged and broken. It
seemed it was an explosive mine, which detonated. It was set up on the back small window.
Looked like they blew up the whole window frame, there’s a huge hole in there.
“Isn’t that a bit too much power……”
Kirigiri was at a loss for words of that explosion’s fierceness.
“I don’t see the body of the Rhinogradentia. Could it have gotten turned into diced atomic meat?
Kyouka couldn’t stop smirking at the effectiveness of the trap.
“This isn’t a time to laugh, Kyouka-san. Some Rhinogradentia might come in from there.”
I got closer to the exploded hole.

And then, I saw perceiving eyes looking at me from the darkness.
“They’re here!”
The Rhinogradentia, feeling around and crawling, entered from the hole.
Not just one. But following the first one, two, three……lot’s of them crawled out from the hole.
“Their invasion’s begun! Go downstairs!”

Kyouka pulled the trigger on her machine gun. The muzzle flash shined in the dark room, and
bullet cases flew everywhere.
We crawled back into the backdoor.
“Retreat! Retreat!”
With Kyouka having given us orders, we left the room and closed it.

At the same time, many Rhinogradentia hit themselves against the door, and the whole room
Without even being able to breathe, the dining hall windows broke, and their noses stuck out
from the gaps of the bars.
As we swept away from that, we ran away into the reception room.
As we tried to run away, from overhead a long and slender string wrapped around my neck.

Was it a Rhinogradentia!?
“I explained before!”
Kyouka took out her knife, and opened up a path as she cut the vine. That’s right, it was a trap
that was laid over the ceiling.
“Calm down, take it slow.”
While trying not to hurry, I moved to the door.

We once again returned to the entrance hall.
But what welcomed us into the hall was the entrance door, broken into pieces, and then large
Rhinogradentia crashed inside.
They’re huge……they’re about twice the size that we’d seen.
Large pieces of the door flew around, and the large Rhinogradentia stepped on them and broke
them. It looked like there’s 5 or 6. The despair from seeing that sight, left us much to think about
“Get down!”
Kirigiri threw the claymore pot at the large Rhinogradentia. And it immediately exploded.
What came from the smoke was green liquid from the Rhinogradentia. However it didn’t fall as it
writhed around.
It’s a nightmare.
It seemed that the attack made them see Kirigiri as a threat. They let out a ground-shaking roar,
as they charged towards Kirigiri. It’s as fast as if a car’s acceleration was stepped on. It’s
impossible-we couldn’t be saved.
I looked away from cruel reality, and unconsciously covered my head.
Kirigiri screamed, which echoed through the hall, almost like a frog was stepped on……
If I looked closely, the large Rhinogradentia, four of them, were impaled into the wall. They died
with a pierce. The one who pierced them was a lance.
And from the broken door, what appeared was a silhouette of……
I unconsciously called him that.
It’s Captain Shikiba!
“That was a close one.”
Shikiba took the lance out from the wall.
However, in a moment’s breath, from behind Shikiba a large Rhinogradentia crashed in. This
time there were more of them.
“We have to give up on the first floor. Let’s head up the stairs.”
We followed Shikiba, and ran up the stairs.

As we got to the second floor, Shikiba gave Kyouka a signal.
“Got it, now!”
Kyouka flipped a switch on the wall.
All of a sudden, an explosion erupted, and the Rhinogradentia flew through the air from the
“This should buy us some time. Alright, everyone over here.”
Shikiba opened the door to a nearby room and entered.

With a glace, I could tell it’s just a normal guest room. Inside was a bed, closet, and a shower
with a bathroom. He flipped the switch by the entrance, and turned on the light by the bedside.
Shikiba opened the closet, and pushed down on a hook. And then the frame on the back of the
closet opened slowly.
“It’s my secret laboratory.”
Bright fluorescent lights stung my eyes. It was a very organic smell that enveloped the area.

On the testing bench, there were petri dishes and inspection tools laid around, and there was a
strange plant growing.
It seems we’d survived……but it’s only a matter of time before they got us all.
“Do you have a plan?” Kirigiri asked.
“Unfortunate to say……All I had planned was to set up the traps and hold a defense, seeing as
we don’t have any manpower. My plan was to train you all in battle, I’m sorry……”
“They just want to get through the traps in numbers.”
Even Kyouka was a bit frightened.
“Kirigiri-kun, as the Super High School Level Detective, what would you do at this time?” Shikiba
asked with earnest. It’s not something you should ask a detective…… but it was a dire situation.
Kirigiri, with crossed arms, thought and walked around the room.
“There’s something that’s been bothering me. Those creatures came from space, but they don’t
seem very intelligent.”
That’s true, they just seemed like large rats or octopi. That’s the impression I got.
“You shouldn’t judge them by their looks. The truth is, they were on a UFO that can’t be
explained by modern science.”
“It’s possible……that the Rhinogradentia are just pawns that they dispose of, and the true Super
Galaxy Level Invaders are inside of the UFO. Basically-”
“If we shot down the UFO, the invasion would stop.”
“Should stop……I see, is that it!”
Shikiba’s eyes lit up. Did he seriously not notice until now!?
“But Captain, how are we going to shoot down the UFO?” Kyouka asked.
No one could answer, and it was quiet. And in the first place, we didn’t even know where that
thing was flying.

“What is this?”
Kirigiri looked inside an orange fruit box that was on top of the test bench.
“Oh, actually……”
Shikiba opened the lid. Inside was a blanket laid out, milk in a plate, and a Rhinogradentia
whimpering in the corner. It was like an abandoned cat.
“It’s a prisoner that I found in the forest. I’m taking care of it as a research subject.”
Shikiba put his finger in front of it. And as if playing, the Rhinogradentia stuck out its feelers.

“Could it be-” Kirigiri said, as if she thought of something.
“What is it?”
“That the Rhinogradentia are trying to take back their young.”
“Haha, that’s ridiculous,” I chuckled.
“No, we can’t be sure of that,” Shikiba blurted out from his chair and stood up.
“Could it be that this prisoner is sending out cries in wavelengths we can’t hear, and
communicating with his friends to save him……”
A. “Then we need to kill him!”
B. “Then we need to give him back!”
juicedup14 chooses B
“Then we need to give him back!” I stretched out and said.
“That’s right. This is our only negotiating card. In exchange for getting this little guy back, we’ll
make it so that the Rhinogradentia go home.” Kirigiri said while crossing her arms.
“Alright, let’s do that!” Shikiba said. Even with no guarantee of this battle plan, he really wanted
to go through with it. But we had to do what the captain said.
“Well then, who will be in charge of negotiating?”
A. I take a step forward and raised my hand.
B. I looked to Kirigiri.
C. I looked to Kyouka.
D. I looked to Shikiba.
>juicedup14 chooses D
I looked to Shikiba.
He raised his hand.
“I’m the one with the most responsibility. I’ll be the one to put an end to this battle.”
No one objected.

Shikiba was in front of us as he headed out into the hallway, while carrying the fruit box.
The Rhinogradentia climbed over the exploded stairway, and reached the second floor.
I saw innumerable Rhinogradentia, all the way to the front of the hall.
While holding the fruit box, Shikiba got right in front of them. He took out the prisoner from
inside, and left it on the floor.
They noticed the imprisoned Rhinogradentia, and they stopped walking.
“Good, it’s working it’s working.” Shikiba cheered.

The small imprisoned Rhinogradentia, confused, walked over to the other Rhinogradentia
All of a sudden, without even any contact, the Rhinogradentia suddenly rushed forward! They
stepped over the imprisoned Rhinogradentia and headed towards us.
“Run! Retreat! Go to the room in the back of the hallway!”
At his orders, we ran towards the back room in the hallway. I saw an iron door at the dead end.
I heard a voice. I turned around, and I saw that Kyouka fell over.
“Kyouka! Can you stand!?”
“Leave me and go!” Kyouka raised her head as she laid on the floor.
“I can’t just leave you here!”
Shikiba ran over to her.
He got back into the hallway, with a spear he raised in his hand.
Did he plan to stop their attack alone!?
“Now’s your chance, go, Kyouka!”
“Get up! Now, go!”
Kyouka stood up, and unsurely turned back towards Shikiba.
“Go!” He said, with his back facing her.
Kyouka ran over to us.
At the same time, a Rhinogradentia attacked Shikiba. As if clinging to his body, they all piled up
onto him.
“Oaaa, I won’t go out so easily!”
“Captain!” We simultaneously screamed. Except for Kirigiri.

“I leave the future of the world to you!” Shikiba’s voice kept echoing through the hallway.
And then, from inside the pile, he stuck his hand out. If I looked closely, he’s sticking his thumb
“Kyouka……the sakura tea you gave me……was delicious!”
Shikiba’s thumb went into his hand, and flipped a switch. And then, from inside the pile of
Rhinogradentia, a light shined-
And exploded.
The Rhinogradentia got blown away, as smoke started billowing. As if running away from reality,
we got inside of the iron door.
In that room, the walls and the ceiling were all lined with glass. All over the place, plants were
growing. It seemed like a greenhouse.
“Captain……why sacrifice yourself for someone like me……”
In the silence of the room, Kyouka fell to her knees. “How am I supposed to go on fighting
“He was too good for this world……” Kirigiri, with crossed arms, closed her eyes.
“What should we do now……”
And then the iron door opened from the outside, and Shikiba calmly walked into the room with a
tattered white coat.
“You’re alive!?”
“Yeah, the explosion was kinda weak.”
In terms of story he’s supposed to stay dead……
“I know what you wanna say, I know, but just leave it. We need to think of a plan.”
“Uh, okay……”
We huddled around in the center of the greenhouse, with an odd atmosphere.

“Listen, my attack only stopped them for a little bit. I don’t think they’ve given up on their
invasion. They’re probably going to finish the Earth tonight.”
“It’s our last battle, isn’t it?” Kyouka asked.
“Yes. The future of the world will depend on whether we or they win.”
“But……do we even have a chance of winning? We can’t even shoot down a UFO……” I hung
my head and said.
“Kirigiri-kun, other than shooting down the UFO, is there any other way for us to win?” Shikiba
“It’s not very realizable……but there’s one.”
“What is it?”
“To wipe out all of the Rhinogradentia on the Earth.”
“I see! But……that’s kind of difficult.”
It seemed a bit more probable than shooting down the UFO……but it didn’t feel like the time to
say that so I stayed quiet.
“I guess it’s unavoidable,” Shikiba stood up suddenly and said.
“What is it?”
“This is our last move, we don’t have time to think about it. It’s time to pull out our trump card!
The『 Absolute Bomb Cone』mission, I call it ABC mission for short.”
“ABC mission……?”
Was it some sort of super secret weapon!?
“In order to get it ready, I’ve been preparing and preparing over and over. What do you think I’ve
been putting all my effort and blood into for this whole year?”
“I don’t know……”
“Let’s gather the pinecones.”
“Gather the pinecones.”
“Yeah, no I heard you but……what do you mean?”
“Listen, here’s the ABC mission’s strategy. We’ll divert all of the Rhinogradentia into the
mansion, as much as we can. We’ll fill the whole place with Rhinogradentia. And then when
they’re all in here-”
“Wait……so by gathering the pinecones you’ll-?”
“That’s right. Then we’ll throw the pinecones!”
“Wait, are pinecones their weakness?”

“No, that’s not it. Pinecones have a lot of pine resin, or turpentine, inside of them, making them
easy to burn. They’re nature’s lighter, as they’re called. But the ones that I’ve collected are
genetically modified, and they’re a special type of pinecones. They’re kind of like incendiary
bombs with great firepower. They have the explosive power of hand grenades as well. If we
spread these all around the mansion and then light a fire, what do you think would happen?
Right, Explosion !”

“So you’re gonna burn down this whole mansion with them in it, aren’t you?” With an impressed
expression, Kirigiri asked that.
“But how are we going to run away?”
“There’s a back door here.” Shikiba pushed on the glass wall. The glass he pushed swung like a
door, and led outside. Although it’s quite high up on the second floor, if we jumped down from
here we’d be able to escape.
“Good. Let’s go with that plan.” Kirigiri nodded. At the same time Kyouka nodded as well, so in
the meantime I did the same thing.
“But……this mission has one problem.”
“The special pinecones are in the first floor laboratory. It’s on the other side of where the
reception room door is, across from the door. Someone has to go get them.”
“Well let’s go get them!” Kyouka stood up and said.
“No, I can’t let you go so easily. There’s probably many Rhinogradentia crawling around on the
first floor.”
“Then what should we……”
“I’ll go get them. Divert them, and open up a path. The ones from outside are sure to follow as
“But, but! That’s too dangerous captain.”
“This mission is my biggest accomplishment. Only I can do it.”
I saw the resolve from his eyes. I didn’t think he can be stopped. I should leave it to him.
((From here juicedup14 skips a chunk of content so we tried our best to restore the rest. Please
forgive us of the rough translations with some liberties taken.))
“Let’s take advantage of the captain’s opening and retrieve the pinecones ourselves.” Kirigiri
said. Was she going to use Captain Shikiba as a distraction instead?
“Okay. Now here is the final mission. You go to the lab on the first floor and grab the pinecones.
Then I will return immediately and throw the pinecones while hiding back here. Then we will set
fire to and burn them, while we escape through the secret door. Capiche?”
“Got it.”
“I’m afraid that this is our last battle. I’m glad I can be fighting this glorious battle with you to the
very end.”
“Ok, Let’s do this!” Shikiba burst through the door.
“Oorah! “ ((SANTAAAAAAAA SHIKIBAA)) Shikiba roared and rushed out.

The Rhinogradentia that were waiting in the corridors started their attack, and chased Shikiba.
After confirming all the Rhinogradentia had left, we ran out of the room and rushed to the stairs.
The staircase was in ruins because of the previous explosion.
We jumped from the top of the broken bricks and just barely got down. Kyouka and Kirigiri
landed like they were used to this. They must be quite flexible. I, on the other hand, didn’t have
as much luck. I landed on my foot badly, and felt a sharp pain go through it.

It turned out there were still some Rhinogradentia left there that had not chased Shikiba. Those
ones were smaller than the entrance hall ones from before. They saw us and rushed toward us.
“Ignore them, and run!” Kyouka rapidly dashed away. However, after running just a few steps, I
heard Kyouka smashing into the ground. The machine gun she was holding also dropped to the
“Are you ok!?” I ran over and helped her to her feet.
“Yes, Sorry.”
At this point, a Rhinogradentia ran toward us.
A. I immediately picked up the machine gun from the ground and pulled the trigger.
B. I immediately hit them with a barrage of kicks.
>juicedup14 chooses B
I immediately hit them with a barrage of kicks. And in the middle, I connected with a heavy
punch and unleashed a skilled combo. However, the Rhinogradentia dodged it with a jump.
While I was doing that, Kyouka picked up the machine gun while she was laying down, and
pulled the trigger. Shell cases scattered with the sound of the gun. However, even though it was
at point blank, the Rhinogradentia didn’t get hit once.
As if being surprised by the bullet sounds, he jumped over us and went somewhere else.
“Hurry!” Kirigiri waited while holding the door open. Me and Kyouka hurried there. The door
“We somehow shook them off.”
The damp, humid and narrow corridor went on. It meant this place hadn’t been damaged by the
“The back door is the laboratory.”

When we opened the back door, a white fluorescent lit room appeared. It somehow smelled like
the sterile smell of a hospital. In the middle, there was a flower bed surrounded by glass walls.
In the flower bed, an unusual cactus was growing.
“Where could the pinecones be?”* (This part repeats multiple times)
A. Inside the shelf.
B. The locker.
C. Inside the desk.
D. Under the bed.
E. High in the ceiling.
>juicedup14 chooses E
When I opened the back of the ceiling panel, large amount of pinecones came tumbling down
with a rustling sound.

  • Repeats

>juicedup14 chooses D
I looked down under the bed, and I saw lots of pinecones hidden there.

  • Repeats

>juicedup14 chooses C
When I opened the desk, large amount of pinecones came tumbling out with a rustling sound.

  • Repeats

>juicedup14 chooses B
When I opened the locker, large amounts of pinecones came tumbling down with a rustling

  • Repeats

>juicedup14 chooses A

When I opened the shelf, large amounts of pinecones came tumbling down with a rustling
We each put as many pinecones as we could into a box, and carried our box as we headed out
the room.
Right when we got back to the entrance hall, Shikiba came jumping in from the hole in the
entrance. His white coat was in tatters, and covered in green blood.
“Run, Run away!” Shikiba yelled while shaking his hand greatly. From behind Shikiba, I saw a
tsunami of Rhinogradentia closing in. We’re gonna get caught up in it at this rate!
While scattering around pinecones into the darkness recklessly, blindly, I headed to the stairs.
Seeing as how climbing up the rubble would be hard holding the box, I threw it into the hall and
left it.

Somehow I made it to the second floor, and I ran to the greenhouse. I noticed that Kirigiri and
Kyouka were already ahead of me. Shikiba was the last one.
Following Shikiba was a hoard of Rhinogradentia chasing him. We ran into the greenhouse.
“Hurry, Captain!”
We waited while holding the door open for Shikiba.

He was insanely quick, and jumped into the greenhouse as if cutting the finish line. Kyouka
immediately closed the door, and Rhinogradentia crashed into it. The fierce impact distorted the
iron door, and shook the whole mansion.
“Ha……ha……we somehow did it, didn’t we! Captain!” Kyouka’s shoulders heaved up and
down as she breathed while she smiled.
“That was quite a tough battle……” Shikiba was resting his arms on his knees as his whole
body breathed. I wasn’t surprised that the captain was exhausted as well.
“It’s too early to be relieved.” Kirigiri looked up to the ceiling while holding her box of pinecones.
An innumerable number of Rhinogradentia were crawling on the glass ceiling. Not just that, their
mouths were open and they stuck their teeth out into the glass.
“It’s going to break……!”
After a while, cracks began to show in the glass ceiling. Suddenly the glass broke, the small
pieces falling like snow into the room. At the same time, the Rhinogradentia started descending.
“Uwaa! It’s all over!” I let out a scream as I tried to run away. I noticed that the Rhinogradentia
had surrounded us.
Kirigiri, without expression, took out pinecones and threw them towards the Rhinogradnetia.
Kyouka aimed her machine gun.
“You guys, escape through the back door!” Shikiba raised his voice.
“What about you Captain?”
“I’ll keep them here, and light the flame. Leave the rest to me.”
“But!” Kyouka was flabbergasted.
“In this mansion, all the plants that I’ve grown are here. I’m dying together with them.”
“Captain, you’re not saying you’re gonna……”
“Kyouka……the sakura tea you gave me……it was amazingly delicious!”
We already heard that.
“Now, go! I’ll be the light of your hope in the future!” As the pack of Rhinogradentia started
kicking him around like a soccer ball, he pointed to the back door. We jumped into the door he
pointed-no, we jumped towards the future.
Rain was falling. From the backyard, we went to the front of the building and headed towards
the front gate. The surrounding area was very quiet. No Rhinogradentia could be seen.
From behind us, an explosion echoed. But, we could not turn back. For the future that the
Captain left us, that connected to hope……
Right as we reached the gate, Kyouka was the first to turn around. Both me and Kirigiri stopped.

The mansion was already engulfed in flames. Even then, explosions still continued to happen.
Bursting from the ceiling and windows, embers of fire vibrantly left small trails as they rose
towards the night sky.
It’s over……
Yes, all of the Rhinogradentia had been destroyed. All thanks to the Captain, who gave his life.
“Thank you, Captain……I’ll never forget that you saved the world, with your own life.” Kyouka
muttered a prayer, as she fell to her knees.
This is how one’s man courage protected the peace of the Earth.
“-Or is that really how it is.” Kirigiri said.
Even though we went through such trial and tribulation, her face was still cold. Did this girl even
had feelings?
“Why are you saying that!?” I was a bit angry. The Captain who gave his life for us-no, isn’t it
true that he saved the whole world?
“Do you think it’s over?” Kirigiri picked up the machine gun, which laid next to Kyouka. She
made sure the safety was off, and pointed the gun at me.
“Wait, what!? What are you doing?” I unconsciously raised my hands up.
And suddenly, she shot towards the ground.
The fierce sound of the gun echoed……but no bullets hit the ground. What?
“They’re blanks.” Kirigiri took apart the machine gun and inspected the bullets. From the way
they look, they seemed like normal bullets, but……
“Even though the gun was used so much up until now, not a single bullet hit a Rhinogradentia.
And moreover, there wasn’t even a trace of a bullet in the walls.”
“Yeah, it really is weird that even though the gun got very close, it didn’t hit. It’s very odd.”
“This machine gun is yours, isn’t it Kyouka? How come in this dire situation, you have blanks

“Oh, I guess I made a mistake and got the wrong bullets! Ehehe……” Kyouka awkwardly stuck
her tongue out, and showed an embarrassed laugh as she scratched her head.
“-Is that really the case? I thought it was odd. Even though the Rhinogradentia had every
chance to attack you, they never did. Even though you tripped twice.”
“What does this mean?”
“She-is a Rhinogradentia spy.”
“What did you say!?”
“If she is, than maybe she herself is THE Super Galaxy Level Invader.”
“You’re kidding……you’re one of them!?” I didn’t know whether I could blame her or what, so all
I could do is take a step back.
“I’m a human! If you say I’m one of them, than show me some evidence!”
“Kyouka-san, you……might not have noticed it yourself, but when you blink, your bottom eyelid
goes up.” Kirigiri pointed out.
When I looked closely at her eyes……
“Wha, it’s true!”
When she closed her eyes, it really did blink from the bottom part. It wasn’t human!
“Is that so……there was insufficient research then. From the resources that we’ve studied, we
did not record the blinking movements……”
“Well then, you really are not human!”
“Yes, you’re right, as expected of the Super High School Level Detective. I came from a
neighboring galaxy……I am as you say, a Super Galaxy Level Invader.” Kyouka suddenly
became defiant instead.
I couldn’t believe she’s an extraterrestrial……
“What is your objective?” Kirigiri asked while crossing her arms.
“That is-to protect the Earth.”
“Huh? What are you saying? Wouldn’t it be the opposite? Aren’t you trying to take the Earth
away from us!?” I asked while getting closer to her.
“No……listen with your fourth nose-or as how the extraterrestrials say, ‘Hold your hand close to
your heart and think’. The ones who are wasting away this Earth are the humans yourselves.
Don’t tell me you don’t know, such as how many trees in the forest are lost every day. You are
all the culprits of the destruction of the Earth. We came from a far off galaxy in order to protect
this beautiful planet.”
A. “We don’t need your help!”
B. “What you’re saying is right! Can I join your team?”
>juicedup14 chooses B
“Just as you say! Let me join your team.” I said that, and without a word Kirigiri punched me in
the stomach strongly.
“Uhh……never mind, nothing.”
“Are you prepared to regret your foolishness?” Kyouka slowly raised her arm to the sky.

And then a shining ball of light appeared in the sky. Was that……the UFO that I’d witnessed
from last time?
((It should be noted now but the Rhinogradentia UFO is the Adamski model, and is the same
model used for the UFO’s in Ultra Despair Girls, and possibly the Hagakure alien ship, too.))

((However according to DRK2, since the ship is slightly wider for Hagakure’s, Akio Chage
describes that wider style model to be used by Gray Aliens.))
“It was short, but I’ve enjoyed my time here. Now that you know my identity, I have to kill you.
You’ll surely burn to ashes, with a hit from our motherships laser.”
A ball of light began to twinkle strongly.
“Hey, what are we going to do!?” I shook Kirigiri’s shoulders. “It’s all your fault! Because you
revealed the invader, this happened! If you would’ve just shut up we could’ve gone home! You
have a plan B, don’t you?”
“No I don’t.” Kirigiri said sulking her shoulders, and shaking her head.
The floating light of ball kept on twinkling.
It’s over……
“Stop it, Kyouka!”
We heard a voice from somewhere. That voice……

It came from the shadowy silhouette coming from the mansion, with an air of composure. It was-
Santa Shikiba!
“You’re alive!?” Kyouka was surprised as well.
Actually does this guy even die!?
“Kyouka! Look at your tree!” Shikiba pointed.
Next to the gate, a tree was planted there.

“You remember it? That’s the sapling that you planted when you became a recruit. If the killing
beam descends, than it would be bad for that sakura tree, wouldn’t it? Can you allow that? I
thought you loved plants as much as I do. Now, stop that killer beam!”
“Captain……” Kyouka, blinking from the bottom, hesitated and closed her eyes and looked
“Won’t you wait together with me to see the tree blossom? And then……make more sakura tea
for me again.”
“I can’t!” Kyouka shook her head. “It can’t be stopped anymore. Once the killer beam
starts……there’s no stopping it……Captain!”
“Is that so, well then look over there. Look at how much I love that tree.”
The ball of light was at its maximum wavelength.
Everything was being surrounded by light……
And then-the killer beam started to descend!
“UAAA!” Shikiba opened his arms, and took in the whole beam.
The killer beam scorched the Earth, and Shikiba’s shadow could clearly be seen. Behind him
was a young sakura tree-

“Captain! You’re amazing!” While squinting I yelled.
“Do you best Captain!” Even Kirigiri was cheering on. Without expression though.
“Stop it Captain! You’ll die!” Kyouka screamed.
Then the killer beam stopped, and everything went back to silence. The light in the sky went
away somewhere.
What was left was……
A completely blackened Shikiba-a manly hero. He died while giving a heroic stance……

However the sakura tree was safe. It was protected by him.
“Captain……I truly felt the love you have.” Kyouka fell to her knees, and looked down. “As long
as there’s someone like you, than I can rest easy when I look at this world. We will leave.”
“Kyouka……are you leaving me?” Shikiba asked turned around.
You’re still alive!?
“Captain……I’m sorry. I, I……” Kyouka cried as she was held by Shikiba.
“Will you come back-for flower viewing season?” Shikiba asked gently as he rubbed her head.
As Kyouka cried she nodded numerous times.
Kirigiri tugged at my sleeve. “Let’s go. There’s nothing for us to do here anymore.”
“Eh? Oh……”
We left both Kyouka and Shikiba, as we departed from that place.
We could see the hopeful face of the sun rising from the east.
This is how one man’s bravery protected Earth’s peace.
Extraterrestrials vs Earth Plants Against Invaders Defense Force Route: Cleared

Route 2 out of 6 (+2) Complete
((The game starts again but this time it cuts to the choice after nearly running over Kirigiri..))
A. “Don’t walk in the middle of the road, you idiot!”
B. Im sorry, are you ok? Are you hurt?
C. Hey, you aren’t a ghost, right?

>juicedup14 chooses A
“Don’t walk in the middle of the road, you idiot!” I shouted at her. Some peoples’ attitudes get
worse behind the wheel. I guess I’m one of those.
I thought “uh oh” when I unconsciously shouted. I was shouting at a meek little girl. It’s me
who’s at fault anyway.
I looked at the girl with an apologetic expression, but perhaps because she’s startled her face
remained expressionless and calm. Or maybe she’s looking down at me with cold eyes.
“I’m sorry. I dozed off at the wheel.” I immediately apologized. But I lost to her gaze. An absolute
What was she?
A. I thought she might live here, so I asked for directions
B. “What a weird girl” I thought and closed the window.
C. It would be awkward if she got injured in this accident. I decided to apologize again.
((juicedup14 chooses A, the answer that you were forced to go with in the first run so the text is
the same, until he gets to the option of showing his wallet.))
A. I have no choice but to show her my driver’s license.
B. This is a bit suspicious, there’s no way I can show her my driver’s license.
>juicedup14 chooses B
Weird. I couldn’t show her my wallet. “For what purpose do you want to see my identity? Are
you planning something?”
“That should be what I’m saying.”
“Do you think I’ll easily pop in someone’s car that I don’t know?” She took out her cellphone and
went to the back of the car. I thought she was putting the licence plate number into her phone.
She read out loud the numbers.
“What are you doing?”
((The same text of Kirigiri doing the background check happens, and she gets into the car while
Kohei drives))

“What are you seeing out the window?”
“Oh, well……if there’s any signs or anything it’ll help me out. Like road signs, or billboards……or
house lights……or maybe rare flowers.”
“There’s lots of yellow flowers growing alongside the path.” ((It’s the Otogirisou/ St John’s Wort
from the first game!))
“Yellow flowers?”
“But it probably has nothing to do with anything. Let’s just look over and keep driving.”
“What kind of flower is that? You made me more curious.”
“You need to focus on the road. Because you dozed off, it makes your driving more dangerous.”
“You might be right. Sorry.” Just a bad road. I concentrated on driving.
“My driving is much better.”
“……You, you can drive?”
“Of course.”
What did she mean of course?
((This is where kirigiri references DRK4 again, and the same text as usual up until the tree
nearly falls on them. Once again juicedup14 decides to pick the same option as the first time so
everything plays out the same until they enter the mansion.))

((Kohei asks Kirigiri another question about the tree in the entrance hall))
“Is this tree……crying?”
“Plants don’t cry.” Kirigiri said in a voided kind of way, and headed to the stairs. “I’m going to go
look for someone. Should be on the second floor.”
((skipped same text))
((Option choice where phone ringing is coming from tree))
>juicedup14 chooses A
“Ah, this truly is mys-tree-ous.”
“What is?” Kirigiri tilted her head.
“Uh, well, I put ‘tree’ in front of ‘mysterious’-”
“Be quiet. I’m trying to listen for the phone.”
“Sorry.” Even though I gave her an explanation, I got yelled at. I’m gonna cry.
All of a sudden, the phone ringing stopped.
((skipped same text))
“Ah……I’m gonna use that phone……”
“What sort of contraption?” Kirigiri touched the trunk, made a thinking face and tilted her head.
I couldn’t believe she touched such a gross tree. Probably because she’s wearing gloves. I
moved away from the flower bed, because I got chills from it.
And then-
((skipped same text to see the knight at the fireplace.))

((Option choice with opening the suit of armor))
>juicedup14 chooses B
It felt dangerous. I shouldn’t touch it. I got away from the armor, and headed toward the
fireplace. Kirigiri was looking inside.
((skipped same text))
((Option choice where Kohei questions if he should leave Kirigiri by herself))
>juicedup14 chooses B

She’s probably fine by herself. She’s probably gone through lots of adventures by herself. If not,
then she wouldn’t be so confident as a detective.
But……what was she carrying in those small shoulders.
((skipped same text))
And to be honest……compared to her, I’m actually pretty scared. Being faced with such
ridiculous events made me unable to act. All I could do was look toward Kirigiri. What would I do
if something happened to her?
When I thought about it, could I get through the situation by myself?
I wouldn’t be able to get away from this mansion by myself.
Well then, I should work with her.
“Wait, Kirigiri? I’m going too.”
((skipped same text))
((Option choice where Kohei comes back to Kirigiri with the knife, but she’s not there))
>juicedup14 chooses B
Even if she had gloves, she wouldn’t have been able to get through the roses. I called for her.
But there was no response. Could she have gone past here by herself?
I felt like she could. When I thought that, I went ahead.
((skipped text))

((Option choice where Kohei looks at Kyouka’s note and questions who he should trust))
>juicedup14 chooses B
I chose to believe in Kyouka. “Wait, I need to talk to her about something. Wait here.”
“I’m going too.”
“No, she’s threatened by you. I’m going alone.”
“……Okay, I got it.”
I left Kirigiri there, and headed out of the greenhouse.

Where could she have gone?
I went down the stairs. I saw the left door, the entrance was open. Could she be…
When I went in there, a long, damp, and narrow hallway kept going. When I opened the back
door, a white lit room appeared. It kind of smelled like a sterile hospital. I thought it was kind of
like a laboratory, and it was not covered by plants like the second floor. That meant that this
place was well-kept. And it’s quite large.
((skipped same text))

And there was a flower bed in the middle, with an ominous flower growing.
It looked like a carnivorous plant, but if I looked closely, the bottom part was like a human. The
bottom part looked like a corpse growing, and I unconsciously let out a gag. When I looked
closely, the ends of the arms were rounded without fingers. There were lots of them around
((skipped same text))
“They’re all alive……” A voice said from behind me.
When I turned around, Kyouka got closer to me from where she was.
“Is this some sort of plant?”
“No, a person. They are my friends.”
“People? This?”
“Yes……” Kyouka grabbed a chair, and slowly sat down. Her face distorted, as she rubbed her
temples on her head.
“Are you not feeling well?”
“……I’m fine. Thanks for worrying about me.”
I saw a hint of a smile, it’s an expression you wouldn’t see on Kirigiri.
“Were these plants-or your friends, made by combining human and plant DNA?”
“Yes. You know quite a bit. These ones are actually made with exceptional DNA samples.”
Kyouka looked towards the sterile room, and spoke happily with a smile.
“Exceptional DNA samples?”
“Yeah. There are people who are called talented, right? Those people’s DNAs were taken, and
used for research. The more exceptional your DNA is, the higher your survivability rate is. Being
as you’re so nice, I’ll let you know that.”
Kyouka took a file from the shelf, and handed it to me. When I opened it, I saw whose DNA
samples were used in research. Students from famous colleges, that were known throughout
the world, were listed there.
“In the outside world, there’s a school that only enlists those with exceptional DNA, isn’t there?
From that place we take their samples, and use them in research.”
“……Do you have permission for that?”
“Permission? Beats me……? I think the way they’re gathered is written down in the notes.”
When I looked in the notes, ‘Hair taken from’, ‘Samples taken from meals’, is written down. From
the wording, I didn’t think they’ve gotten permission.
When I looked through the list, a name I knew popped up. Kyoko Kirigiri-
The date when it was gathered was ten years ago. The notes said it’d been taken from ‘Police
evidence’ material. Maybe when she was part of a case, the police needed DNA to be
presented as evidence. Maybe it was sold to the black market.
Ten years ago, she would have been a small child by then. Though, this list was about those
who are exceptional. Hm……?
Since Kyoko Kirigiri’s name was here……then her DNA was being used?
With astonishment, I looked in front of me and stared at Kyouka. No matter how I looked at her,
she’s just like Kirigiri. Could it be……
“What’s with the……scared face?” Kyouka asked me while staring at my face.

I didn’t know what to say. I remembered the note she gave me, and changed the subject. “Oh
by the way, the memo you gave me……”
“Help me.” Kyouka stood up from her chair. She grabbed my hand, grasping her hands around
mine, while looking up at me. Her hands were surprisingly cold.
“I……what do I do?”
“Come here.” Kyouka went inside the sterile glass room. And being pulled by her hand, I went
Right in front of me was a twisted plant animal.
“I want to introduce you to everyone.” Kyouka said. “Now, everyone-it’s today dinner.”
There wasn’t even time to fight.
Before I could notice, twisted arms wrapped around me and restricted me. So strong that you
wouldn’t think it was a plant. No matter what I did I couldn’t get them off.
These……were moving!?
“What do you mean dinner?”
“Whatever lives, need nutrition.”
“Nutrition……you don’t mean……”
“But this is good, you’re kind. It would really help me if you became our nutrition. Because-I
wouldn’t have to kill you.”
Oh……so that’s how it was.
This was the truth of the ‘man eating mansion’. I finally saw.
There were clothes being burnt in the fireplace. Those people probably met the same fate.
When I thought that, I finally understood the meaning of ‘Help me’ in the fireplace.
That wasn’t a victim asking for help.
That was Kyouka luring victims.
It was the same thing.
How could this have happened……
The twisted arms started tightening around my neck. And my consciousness faded away. All I
could see was Kyouka’s happy face.
If I could see that smile, than it was okay if I just died……
Everything became white, then I felt an explosion hit me.
Was this the moment of death-
Kyouka was holding her head and looking down.
But everything had gone back to normal. And I could breathe. And the twisted arms were
coming off.
The glass was broken, and a nearby chair was rolling. Outside the flower bed, Kyoko Kirigiri
was standing there. “That was a close one.” Kirigiri held her hand out, and pulled me from the
flower bed. “It’s a good thing that I came to check up on you. Can you speak?”
“What happened?”
“I was about to become dinner.”
“Ah.” She said unsurprised. Seems she’d grasped the situation, without being surprised.

((The same text as before repeats until juicedup14 once again clears the plant girl ending.))
((juicedup14 goes back to the option where Kohei thinks to himself Kirigiri can go through the
roses because of her gloves, however now a new option appears which he chooses))
C. I go back into the hall, in order to search for Kirigiri.
I go back into the hall, in order to search for Kirigiri.
There’s a door in the middle of the hallway that’s slightly open. Kirigiri’s probably there. I went
inside the door.

It’s like a guest room. But there were slightly-pink colored curtains over the windows. The mirror
and desk were placed differently. There’s makeup in the dresser, and there’s cute writing
I couldn’t see Kirigiri anywhere in here. I went to see if she’s drying her hair. I looked inside the
shower room, she’s not there. But I saw that there were long hairs in the sink.
Kirigiri’s here?
Or……the one who lived here?
I left the shower room, and I looked inside the desk. I touched the desk with my finger, it’s not
dusty. And it looked like the writing utensils were being used.
I looked inside the door. It’s empty.
But under the desk, on one side, were rolled up pieces of paper.

When I opened it up, it looked like it was part of a diary.
“August 10th
I couldn’t go outside for the whole day. They say the air is bad, like a poison, for someone as
weak as me.
When I awoke tonight, I could hear banging sounds. I was surprised and I asked Father’s friend.
He said that those are fireworks. When I looked outside, over the far away city, there are round
lights of various colors. I want to see them up close someday.”
“August 16th
My favorite clothes that I ordered didn’t come in. It seems that I grow faster than other people.
Why do I have such an inconvenient body?”
“August 19th
I was talking to the little people in the glass, and my Father’s friend got angry. Because they’re
weak to bacteria, I shouldn’t get close to them. Am I bacteria?”
“August 20th
Now that I don’t have anyone to talk to, I’m lonely.”
“August 21st
I read the book that Father lent me. In it there’s a big country in the outside, and everyone’s
living happily. If I go there, will I be able to make a lot of friends?”
“August 22nd
I want to see the outside. But, I need more-”
That’s where the page cut off.
I looked to see if there were more, but there wasn’t. Did the girl that I saw before write this?
Seemed like they had been thrown away. Did she try to get rid of them?
It said that she’d been living here in this very mansion. But there were some unlegible words.
‘Little people in the glass’, what did that mean?

What’s bothering me was the time she threw them away. Was she just trying to get rid of the
past, or……
I put the pieces of diary in my pocket, and left the room.
I wasn’t able to find Kirigiri.
Was she really able to go past the roses by herself? I felt like she could.
((skipped the text up to when he would throw the insecticide at Kyouka, however he gets a
choice now))
A. I throw the small glass at Kyouka.
B. I remembered the diary.
>juicedup14 chooses B

I remembered the diary.
The girl who wrote this diary, might still be deep in her heart. A sad girl who was brought into
this world incomplete-
“Kyouka! Can you hear me!?” I screamed as hard as I could. In order to reach her heart.
What this girl wanted, who had been living here alone, what she wanted all along is……
“Let’s get out of this mansion together!”
Kyouka, who’d been looking down, surprisedly looked up.

“Let’s go look at fireworks together. We can buy new clothes for you in the city. And, and
then……Anyways let’s take a step outside this mansion, and finally go out. That’s what you
wanted all along!”
“It’s impossible!” Kyouka screamed. “It can’t happen anymore! I’ve already……killed so many
people. That……proves that I’m incomplete. I truly can’t be human……”
“That’s wrong.” Kirigiri called out from the roots. All of a sudden the plant attacks became
weakened. “Humans all make mistakes……I’ve seen many of those types of people. But, those
who can take the steps to do it all over again, maybe that proves that you’re human.”
“Let’s go together, Kyouka.” I stretched out my hand towards Kyouka.
For a long time, Kyouka hesitated and looked down. After a while, she took a step towards me,
and showed a human-like smile. That smile, was also as if she gave up something-
“Thank you……for being so kind to me.” As she said that, she ran to the reception room. She
opened the door, and ran inside.
“Kyouka!” I rushed towards her and chased after her.
But it’s locked.
“What is this all of a sudden!? Hey, Kyouka!”
“Goodbye.” I know that’s what I heard from the other side of the door.
Afterwards, black smoke billowed out from the gaps.
“This is bad! She’s lighting a fire in the fireplace.”
“Are you going to die!?” I banged on the door and yelled her name many times. But there’s no
“Let’s go, this will be dangerous for us.” Kirigiri pointed at a window. It’s broken from the plant.
We both jumped out of the window.

As we turned back once in a while, we ran towards the gate.
And even with the rain, the mansion became engulfed in flames. It only took a while for the
whole place to be covered in flames.
Was this-the end for mansion where people played god?
“Look!” Kirigiri pointed towards the mansion.
From the black smoke, something crawled out. It’s the twisted plants from the sterile room. They
all formed working together, carrying something.

“It’s Kyouka!”
Me and Kirigiri ran towards them.
They slowly lowered Kyouka to the ground. There were burnt parts in the twisted plants, and
there were some that couldn’t even move anymore.
“Kyouka! Wake up!” I slapped her wet cheek.
It didn’t look like she had any wounds, but she’s even colder than the rain. We looked at her for
a while-but she would not open her eyes.
She died.
The twisted plants around her let out a child’s cry, as they all died one after another. Could it
have been from the fire or the outside air, I didn’t know.
Me and Kirigiri made a grave for Kyouka and the twisted plants. We buried and mourned them.
“It’s almost like I’m burying my own self.” The whole time she was almost speechless, that’s the
only thing she said. Kyouka really was a plant girl made from Kirigiri’s DNA.
After we were done mourning, from the east a dim light lit up the sky. It’s daybreak. Me and
Kirigiri left that place, and walked to where there was a cellphone signal, and called for help.
After half a year-
I returned to my daily life, and I couldn’t remember what happened. It’s almost like, as if it was
all a dream.
I hadn’t met Kirigiri since then. I’d tried many different ways to search for her. Almost like she
didn’t exist or as if she was taken away, there wasn’t any information from anyone.
After a while, I stopped thinking about her. It wasn’t like I would get a chance to see her again.
Even if I did, she’d just look at me with those cold eyes.
One day, when I was going back to where I grew up, I took my car into the mountains. And then,
all of a sudden I remembered that day, and then I turned the wheel towards the dark forest.
And I only used my own instinct to lead me to the forest.

I hopped out of my car, and I looked around.
And then I saw a gate that looked familiar to me.
I went into the gate, and went inside.
Where there was once a mansion, one great tree was growing. That had to be the tree that was
growing inside the entrance hall.

And just right in front of that tree, white young flowers were blooming around a circle, as if
gathering around there. That’s the place where we buried Kyouka.
And in the center, I saw a white, one piece wearing, long haired girl, standing there.
Her-! I tried to call for her, but I stopped.
It must have been my imagination. I just mistook a large, white flower for her. That had to be it.
Because that’s where one big flower was growing.
The Plant Girl Route TRUE End: Cleared

Route 3 out of 6 (+2) Complete
((jump cuts to first bad end; Option choice where Kohei decides if he wants to leave Kirigiri or

A. “Okay. I’ll leave.”
B. “I can’t abandon her here!”
>juicedup14 chooses A
“Okay. I’ll leave.” I said that, and turned my back to Kirigiri.
“Thank you……you’re our savior.” Kyouka happily said.
This was good.
I left the room. I felt like I heard a muffled, suffering voice behind me, but it had nothing to do
with me anymore.
The entrance easily opened.
In the horrible rain, I ran through the dark garden and went through the gate. Without turning
back I ran through the forest. It took me one night to get to a town.
Many days had passed since then, and I returned back to my normal life. At first I checked the
news and newspapers to see if there was anything about the mansion, but nothing. Everything
that happened in the mansion felt like a dream that had never happened.
Until one night.
In the middle of the night, there was a knock at my apartment building door, and I woke up.
Who could it be at this time……?
And they didn’t even use the intercom, they went right to my door.

When I was half awake, I got to the entrance, and looked through the peephole. And what was
standing there was……
A long haired girl.
I suddenly woke up. My blood drained. From the fisheye lens, what was standing there in the
middle……was Kyoko Kirigiri.
She’s alive?
How could it be……
Or did she turn into a monster, and held a grudge against me when I left her to die?
Wait, wait a minute.
It’s not Kirigiri, could it be Kyouka?
If so……for what reason, at this time, to me?
I could only think of one reason. She wanted to get rid of me because I knew the secret of the
Which one could she be?
Is it Kirigiri?
Or Kyouka?
Either way, all I could see was a dark future ahead of me.
The knock at my door got stronger.
Stop it……
I covered my ears, and curled into a ball.
The door now clattered.
And when I think it stopped……the lock turned, and opened.
Stop it……
Don’t come in!
The door slowly opened……

She entered.
“You……which one are you? Which one!?”
“I am-”
Bad End 1: Cleared
Route 4 out of 6 (+2) Complete
((jumpcut to bad end 3; option choice of little Rhinogradentia))

>juicedup14 chooses A
“Let’s kill it!” I got up and said. “That’s the only thing we can do.”
Kyouka pointed her gun at the small Rhinogradentia.
“Wait.” Kirigiri stopped us. “We shouldn’t kill it.”
“If you look at it……it’s cute……”
“What part!?” I unconsciously retaliated.
“Not just that. It’s their only way of negotiating. It’s our hostage.”
((skipped same text))
((Option choice of who will give the little Rhinogradentia back))
>juicedup14 chooses A
I got up and raised my hand when they asked who should carry the box. “I’ll do it. For the Earth,
let me give up my life.” If I looked like I was useful, they wouldn’t leave me out. That was my
secret motive.
“It’s a dangerous plan, Kohei.”
“I respect you Noobie!”
It didn’t feel bad having their attention. I never had the chance in my whole life to feel like the
main role. But only Kirigiri had an uneasy expression on her face.
“Well then……let’s go!”
I carried the fruit box, and headed out to the hallway.

The stairs became rubble from the explosion, but the Rhinogradentia had already gotten up
Right in front of us, past the hallway, many Rhinogradentia could be seen. I carried the box and
walked right in front of them. I took out the hostage and put it on the floor.
Maybe they noticed, because they stopped.
“Alright, it’s working.” I heard Shikiba’s voice from behind.

The small Rhinogradentia was confused, and moved towards them. The other Rhinogradentia
slowly walked forward.
And suddenly their eyes-went from black to red.
“Is this the attack color!?”
The Rhinogradentia hoard charged!
They stepped over the hostage, and then headed towards me.
“They’re losing themselves in anger!” Shikiba’s voice of terror echoed through the hall.

I had no time to get away……and I got hit.
My body flew through the air, and I got swished within the wave of charging Rhinogradentia.
And that’s where my consciousness ceased.
I knew I couldn’t do it……
Bad End 3: Cleared
Route 5 out of 6 (+2) Complete
((jumpcuts to bad end 2))

What a weird looking girl. I thought that, and then I immediately closed the window. If she’s safe,
then I don’t need to talk to her anymore.
I hit the acceleration, and left her there. For now, let’s just get out of the forest.
I headed forward fast. I turned on the radio switch, but all I heard was noise. “How weird……” I
tried tuning it, but I averted my eyes from the road.
And that moment was deadly.
Right in front of me, in front of my headlights, all of a sudden a human figure appeared.

A girl!?
Even though it was twice, I immediately hit the brake.
The girl who was being lit up by the headlight was-just like the other girl.
What was this?
I thought I left her there. I drove straight forward, and there weren’t any branching paths. So,
how did she get in front of the car by just walking?

Wait, her clothes were different. This one was wearing a shabby, one piece dress……it made
her look almost like a ghost.
She got closer to my car. “Um……would it be fine if you let me in?” She looked into the driver’s
A. I don’t have a good feeling. I shouldn’t let her in.
B. I can’t leave her here. I had no choice but to let her in.
>juicedup14 chooses B
I couldn’t leave her here. I had no choice but to let her in. She got into the passenger’s seat.
The atmosphere inside the car got heavy. It sort of smelled kind of mossy in here. What was this
Kind of like leaves?
“Um……are you a detective?” The girl in the passenger seat asked a weird question.
“Detective? No, not really……”
“Oh, is that so……Well then, so you just happened to be driving by here?”
“Uh, yeah, sure.”
“Do you know the person call Kyoko Kirigiri?”
“Kirigiri……? I don’t know them.”
“Oh. So I guess there’ll be two portions tonight then.”
“Two portions?” What was she saying this whole time? She was saying such weird things,
they’re kind of eerie.
When I looked at her by my peripheral vision, the girl suddenly pushed her body forward and
grabbed the steering wheel.
“Hey! What the-”
She turned it, and made a turn towards a tree. She’s going to crash it!

It won’t work!
A clashing sound of metal. At the time of impact, my body felt like it was chopped up into pieces.
I didn’t know whether the ground was left or right. My consciousness went away.
While I was still in a hazy consciousness, I opened my eyes slowly, and I saw her eyes.
That girl……
Stop it……
“I found some good nutrition. I need to bring it back to them fast……” She smiled happily.

What did she mean?
After that, with a sound of clashing metal, I was bound up and carried somewhere. Last thing I
remembered, was seeing a twisted face looking at me.
“Now, everyone-eat up.”
Bad End 2: Cleared
Route 6 out of 8 Complete
((jump cuts to first option when he is about to crash into Kirigiri))

D. I woke up from my bed
>juicedup14 chooses D
I woke up from my bed. “Huh!? A dream……”
My whole body was covered in sweat. I was having a weird dream right on my first day of
transferring schools. I really was nervous, wasn’t I? ((Actual Danganronpa music starts playing
instead of the Otogirisou and Banshee’s Last Cry OST from here on out))
“I’ll be back.”
After finishing my breakfast, I headed to school. This was my fourth time transferring schools. I
thought I’d be used to it by now, but I was a bit nervous when entering into my first class.
“Alright everyone, silence. I’m going to introduce the new student. Everyone, get along well from
now on with Kohei-kun. He’s be together with us in this class. Well then, your seat will be……”
The homeroom teacher pointed to the way back seat. “Right next to Kirigiri-kun.”
She was holding her hand up to her chin, looking outside the window. The wind blew the curtain
slowly, as well as her hair. I could see the side of her face clearly.
“Ah, it’s the girl from my dream!” I unconsciously said that out loud.
With a surprised look, she looked over at me. Our eyes met. At that time, the homeroom ending
chime began. At the same time, that bell also pulled the curtains to our bizarre school life

“……Are you okay?”
That wasn’t the bell, that was the sound of knocking……
When I noticed, I was laying face forward on the steering wheel.
I lost consciousness……
I felt like I saw a weird dream.

I noticed the knocking sound on the glass window. I looked outside, and the girl was looking
“Ah, the girl from my dream!” I unconsciously said out loud.
She tilted her head with suspicion.
Our surrounding was not a classroom, but a dark forest. I remembered that she was about to be
run over. I lost consciousness and I didn’t know what happened, but it looked like she was quite
“For now, get out of the car.” She demanded to me from the window.
Why was she hurrying me so much? Was she going to hit me because I was about to run her
over, and going to sue me as well……
“Hurry.” She’s very prompt, wasn’t she?
Without knowing what was happening, I did as she said and got out of the car.
“Get away from the car.”
She pulled my clothes, and got me away from the car.

And then all of a sudden, smoke erupted from the hood. A couple seconds later, fire erupted.
And in no time, the whole body became engulfed in flames.
“What is this!?’
“That was close. After a little bit, you would had been lost Kohei.”
“Eh!? Why do you know my name?”

“It’s obvious. There’s nothing I don’t know.” A little smile showed up from Kirigiri’s mouth, and
she puffed her chest. Probably because it’s raining, I can see her chest through her shirt. She
wasn’t very conscious of her body, was she?
By the way……her underwear was black!
A. “3.1415926535……”
B. “Who……are you?”
C. “How do I confirm your panty color?”
>juicedup14 chooses C
“How do I confirm your panty color?”
“What are you saying all of a sudden?” Her eyes squinted.
Oh no! That was a selection trap!
I said it out loud.
“Don’t ask me anything ridiculous. Of course they’re black.”
“I’m sorry……!?” I felt like the rules of the universe broke, but I didn’t mind it.
“By the way, what’s your name? I haven’t heard it.”
“My name is Kyoko Kirigiri. I’m the Super High School Level……I can’t say anything more than
“Are you hiding it?”
“Women have lots of secrets.”
“By the way, now that your car is on fire, what are you going to do now?”
“Right……this is troublesome. I guess I can’t go home anymore. And my phone won’t connect. I
just wish there was somewhere to get away from the rain……” As I said that, Kirigiri smacked
me on the shoulder, and pointed behind.
When I turned around, there’s an old looking gate, and behind that was a mansion.

It’s a huge mansion.
“Huh, when did that get there? The developments are fast.”
“It’s perfect for getting away from the rain.”
“I don’t want to stay there very long……” When I looked at the mansion again, I felt like there
would be a suit of armor that would start moving all of a sudden, and a kitchen drenched in
And there’s a window that had a bit of light. Was something living in this eerie mansion?
“Do you have any business in this mansion?” I asked, and Kirigiri nodded. “Well then, can you
introduce me to the people inside? I’m in trouble because of my car. I just need to borrow their
“Okay, easy peasy.”
“Thanks. That’ll help me a lot.”
She gave me an OK mark with her fingers. There was something weird about seeing her do
that. At the same time she opened the gate.
The rusty gate creaked.
“Wait, didn’t that sound come from your mouth?”
“Eh? What are you talking about?”
Kirigiri’s playing dumb. There were brackets around the words, so it had to have been her.
There was a large garden in front of the entrance, lots of odd flowers were blooming. We got to
the entrance of the mansion.

I knocked on the door.
After waiting a while, there was no response. I grabbed the doorknob.
“Uah.” When I grabbed the doorknob, there was a slimy feeling, and I pulled my hand away.
When I looked, my hand was colored pink. “Is this, blood……?”
“That has to be paint. Why would human blood be pink?” Kirigiri grabbed the doorknob with her
gloves. And it easily opened.

Inside was a large entrance hall, with a dimly lit light from a large ceiling. It didn’t feel like there
was anyone here.
“Excuse me. Is there anyone here?” I called to the inside.
There was no response.
Without any hesitation, Kirigiri stepped inside.
Right in the center, there was a large door. By that were two staircases going up in a curve. On
the two walls on the sides, there were doors. There was a clock on the base of the stairs,
clicking time.
It felt like the inside was a bit more taken care of than the outside of the mansion. If it wasn’t for
the sound of the time, it would feel like this place was stopped in time forever.
What’s weird was that at the side of the entrance hall, was a weird flower bed.

It’s all made of brick, and one tree was growing there. It seemed as big as an adult tree, As the
green leaves headed up all the way to the ceiling.
There was a tree growing inside the mansion.
I didn’t know what this plant was called, but there were vein-looking things on the trunk. Almost
like a veiny creature.
“What an odd mansion……” I said that as I looked up to the tree.
A.“You can practice tree climbing indoors.”

B. “This truly is mys-tree-ous.”
C. “This tree doesn’t have enough nutrition.”
>juicedup14 chooses B
“This truly is mys-tree-ous.”
“What?” Kirigiri tilted her head.
“Well, you see, I took ‘tree’ and put it in between ‘mysterious’-”
“More importantly, why don’t you grab the tree-ceiver?”
“……The receiver, I took ‘tree’ in front of ‘receiver’……” Kirigiri looked embarrassed for having to
explain her joke, and looked down.
Actually the bell hadn’t even rung yet. Did she skip a page in her script?
At that time, from out of nowhere, we could hear a phone ring.
“It’s a phone! There’s a phone somewhere.”
It felt like the phone was somewhere nearby. I tried to hear closer, but it seemed like it was
coming from inside the tree.
“What is this……what does this mean?” I looked around the tree, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
“Look, it opens here.” Kirigiri looked at a hollow spot in the tree There was a hinge on the trunk
of the tree, where a shelf opened up. Inside there was a phone placed there.
“What, so it was that type of contraption.”
“I got it! So this is just a shelf to put the phone in!” As if solving a mystery, she twirled her finger
in the air and said that.
“What a lame interior design.”
“The owner of this mansion must have very interesting tastes.”
“I see. By the way, do you know who lives in this mansion, why you came here?”
“Yeah. It was an anonymous request that I was called for. The pre-reward was one hundred
thousand dollars. If I succeed, a hundred thousand.”
“Are you okay with just saying that out loud?”
“Ah.” Kirigiri panickedly put her hands in front of her mouth.
“Are you perhaps a Super High School Level Detective?”
“I am the Super High School Level-I can’t say anymore than that.”
She was really adamant about that, wasn’t she?
From somewhere, we could hear metal noises rubbing against each other.

What was it?
Was something moving?
Me and Kirigiri both looked at each other and closed our mouths, and tried to listen.
There was a loud sound coming from the stairs. That was where it was coming from.
It became quiet. We tried turning the doorknob, but it was locked. It was not here. It must have
been the door to the right of the entrance.
It’s here!
There was someone on the other side of the door!
With sneaking steps, Kirigiri got closer to the door. She grabbed the doorknob, and forcefully
opened it.

Inside, there was a reception room. In front of the fireplace was a sofa, with shelves lined with
books on the wall. The only light inside the room was a small light at the fireplace, with embers
flying about everywhere. We made out a silhouette from the sofa.
There was a person there.
There was someone sitting on the sofa.
They had their back to us. They hadn’t noticed that we’re here.
“Um……” I tried to talk to them. But the figure didn’t turn around. They stayed facing forward,
looking at the fireplace.
Kirigiri went in front of the sofa, and looked at the person that was sitting down. And then, as if
sighing, her shoulders shook. “This is just Hagakure.”
I went in front of the sofa. Just as she said, there was just Yasuhiro Hagakure sitting there.
From his head to the tips of his toes, was a figure made up of the Super High School Level
Fortune Teller, sitting there.
“Huh, how weird……” I curiously stared at Hagakure. But Kirigiri was more interested in the
fireplace than Hagakure.

“There’s something burning here.” Kirigiri took the firepick from the side of the fireplace, and
started searching around in the fireplace. She took out the sweet potato that was being roasted
red and black inside the fireplace. She wiped away the ash from the cooked potato. “Wow, that
looks delicious!” Kirigiri immediately cut the potato in half, and began eating it. I thought she
would give the other half to me, but she started eating both of them, one after another.
“No fair, give me some too.”
“I don’t want to. I found it, so they’re both mine.”
“Just a little bit, come on.”
A. I forcefully grabbed the other one and started eating it.
B. i got upset.
>juicedup14 chooses A
I forcefully grabbed the other one and started eating it.

And then, Kirigiri cheeks became red and flustered.
“What is it?”
“Second hand……kiss……” She said, embarrassed.
Wait, this isn’t romantic at all!
“Huh? There’s something else here.” She said that, and took a piece of paper from the ash.
It looked like a piece of a memo, it had something written on it.
“Kiss the sleeping beauty in order to reveal the truth.”

That’s what was written there.
“What is this?”
“Who knows?”
Kirigiri gave a response like she didn’t care, and put the note in her pocket.
“You really don’t know anything?”
“Don’t lie. You’ve been wanting to come to this mansion all along, haven’t you? What’s your
goal? What are you hiding?”
“I’m not hiding anything.” Kirigiri pouted and turned around.
Well, I couldn’t hide anything from her.
“I see. Well then, let’s go find the owner of this mansion. If we do that, everything will become
clear.” I said with resolution.
“If there’s someone we can talk to.”
“What do you mean?”
“They might be a capybara .”
“It might be a possibility.” Kirigiri without expression shook her head.
It’s possible. In this kind of eerie mansion, a capybara might be loafing about. When I thought
about the things that were burnt in the fireplace, it all felt like it could actually happen.
“Before we meet the capybara, we need to find some bait. The more bait we have, the better.”
Kirigiri said that, and went back to the entrance hall door, and entered through another door.

It was a dining hall room. There was a white cloth over a long table, And in the middle was a
candle. I’d never seen anything like this other than dramas or movies.
If I looked closely, the cloth was a bit dirty. It wasn’t very hygienic, and it was stained with black
and red spots. It’s almost like as if……it was rubbed with blood.
In order to inspect them, I got closer to the table. But when I got closer to the window, I felt
something moved outside the window, and I stopped.
I felt there was something looking inside from out there……
And not just one, many figures.
All of a sudden, I opened the window and checked my suspicions.

There was no one out there.
Because of the bars over the window, I couldn’t look any further. And it was so dark. Even with
straining my eyes, I could only make out some weirdly shaped flowers growing about. There
was a weird plant, that was unregulated and overgrown. With leaves swirling about, and vines
spreading everywhere.
If I looked closely, there was something rolling on the ground.

There were various skulls around the garden.
I gave out a scream, and fell backwards.
When she noticed me, she looked outside. But all of a sudden, the wind blew, and hid those
“Right, now……there were so many skulls……”
Even though I attested that, she only tilted her head.
A. “This mansion is haunted! Let’s get out of here already!”
B. “This mansion is haunted! Let’s take pictures.”
>juicedup14 chooses B
“This mansion is haunted! Let’s take pictures.” As I said that, Kirigiri nodded happily.
“Seeing as how it’s so eerie looking, yeah.”
I forgot I had a camera over my shoulders. When I put it there, I set the timer. “Alright, it’s going
to take a picture.”
Me and Kirigiri lined up.
We checked the picture in the digital screen. There was some weird spirit over the window in the
picture. But more importantly, Kirigiri’s mouth was half open, and her nervousness was so cute.
“Ahaha, what is this? Do you always make this face when you get your picture taken?”
“Don’t say that, it’s embarrassing. That’s just, a trait of mine! More importantly, there’s a red line
here.” Kirigiri saw that there was a red going from the table. There were lots of red spots
heading towards the door.
What could be behind that door?
I was afraid to think about it.
Even Kirigiri strained her brow when looking at the door. She slowly headed toward the door.
And without hesitation she opened it.

It looked like a kitchen. There was a very prominent dripping sound coming from the sink.
Everything was so dark, you could barely see anything. Kirigiri took out her penlight.
And then……what we saw were red stains all over the sink.
They’re all dried up, and had a rotten smell to it. Me and Kirigiri both covered our noses.
“Oh……this isn’t up to code……” I just barely managed to say that. I was afraid that someone
might hear it, so I said it very quietly.
“There’s a fridge in the back.”
“Let’s open it.”
“Huh?” I panicely chased after Kirigiri, who got into the repulsive kitchen. “Stop it, that’s
“If there’s something here, then we need to make sure of it.”
“What do you mean something……”
“As you can see, a tragedy.” Kirigiri went in front of the fridge.
Why was she so calm about this? Was she courageous? This wasn’t the situation to be calm.
She’s-used to this. There’s no normal person who could be used to this kind of situation in their
everyday life, and have that kind of expression.
Just what kind of life did she lead, where she could be so used to this kind of situation? I was
afraid to think about it. I……honestly had no confidence to say myself.
Finally, Kirigiri with her gloved hands, grabbed the fridge’s door.
Don’t open it, don’t open it……
I said that in my mind countless times.
But my wishes were not granted. She opened the fridge.

When she opened it, the fridge lit her face up. That expression did not change……
“It’s tuna sashimi!”
Kirigiri took out a plate with lots of cut-up tuna from the fridge. It’s a fresh batch. It’s the fat
underbelly of tuna, considered high quality. There’s like a mountain of sashimi inside the fridge.
“There must have been a tuna cutting show happening here.”
“I see, so this is the tragedy.”
“Oh my god, how could this be……there’s no soy sauce.”

“There isn’t even any wasabi! This mansion really isn’t normal. Let’s get out of here, and report
this to the police.”
Kirigiri didn’t argue with my idea.
We returned to the entrance hall.
As if being chased by the grandfather clocks ringing, we stood in front of the entrance door. I
took the initiative and grabbed the doorknob. Although the knob turned, the door didn’t open.
“What is this?”

I hit the door and turned the doorknob violently a few times. I tried a lot of things, but it just
wouldn’t open.
I gave up and headed to the window, but outside bars prevented me escaping. From what I
could see, all the windows had bars attached to them.
“We’re locked in.” I said in astonishment.
Just like me, Kirigiri gripped the door knob and turned it. It looked like she got tired and turned
away from the door.

“How did it come to this? Just what is happening?”
“Calm down.”
“I can’t be calm right now.”
If I thought about it, ever since I met Kirigiri, everything had been eerie. Even if it’s not her fault,
she’s still a big part of the problem. No, wait, maybe she’s the one who’s making people come
here. Could that really be it?

“Looks like you have some kind of misunderstanding. Though now’s not the time to falter
considering our situation. We haven’t even searched the second floor, nor have we met with any
of the residents of this mansion.”
“But, it could be a capybara.”
“If so, I would prefer it.”
“You would prefer it?”
“I’ve seen lots of capybaras up until now. I’ve been face to face with one a couple of times. I
know just how they think, and I know how to deal with them as well. They’re actually a lot easier
to deal with than my classmates.”
“What are you talking about? What kind of person are you?”
“I’d like to keep that a secret, but I wouldn’t want you to panic too much, so I’ll tell you.” She
fixed her gloves and pulled at the wrist part, moving left and right and says, “Actually, I’ll keep it
a secret.”
She said that, turned her back to me, and headed up to the second floor.
“Wait, you’re going by yourself?”
“I’m going to search the second floor. You can go ahead and rest there.”
Kirigiri’s skirt fluttered as she headed up to the second floor.
A: Here’s my chance to attack! I go down on the floor and looked up to the stairs.
B: I wouldn’t do something so brash. I gentlemanly and nonchalantly laid on the floor.
>juicedup14 chooses A, of course.
The chance has arrived! I laid on the floor and looked up, but all I could see was darkness. I
couldn’t see anything else. But the thing was, only the part I was looking up at had the problem
of being dark. I see, that’s the only conclusion I could come to with that kind of structure.
By the way… was it really fine to just let her go by herself? I had a reason to oppose her, didn’t
I? Wait, she had a reason to keep exploring the mansion, but I didn’t really have one myself.
Actually, if it were up to me, I’d want to get out of here as fast as possible. But even so… when I
saw her go up the stairs, I thought that I needed to go up as well. It could just be that her
bluntness wore off on me.
Either way, I needed to face this mansion, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to leave early. For me,
this wasn’t just someone else’s problem. I had to do this. I chased after Kirigiri and went up the
Creaking steps. Thirteen of them. They were made quite well. As if going up to my own
execution grounds, I went up the stairs.

When I turned the corner, I saw an open door right by me, with someone going inside. I couldn’t
really see them, but from the gap in the door, I could see that they had long hair. I followed her.
I tried to chase after her. I stood in front of the door and grabbed the doorknob. But then I felt
something on my back.
“Wha?” I jumped up in surprise. I turned around, and Kirigiri was standing there. “Wha? Eh?”
“Couldn’t you wait like a good boy and stay still down there?”
“Didn’t you just go in there?”
“No, I just came out of a different room.”
“Well then, the one who went in here is…”
“Someone from this mansion.”
We finally caught them.
“I didn’t see them very well, but it was a long haired girl.”
“You mustn’t let your guard down if it was a girl. You’d best get behind me.” Kirigiri pushed me
away and stood in front of the door, then opened it.
It was like a hotel room with a bed, closet, shower room, and bathroom.

When I flipped the switch, a bedside lamp turned on. But we couldn’t see the girl anywhere. I
looked at the bathroom, but it had no one inside.
“Did someone really come in here?” Kirigiri asked suspiciously.
“No doubt about it.”
“If that’s the case…”
Kirigiri went to the closet and touched a hook.
A board opened, like a door into a room.

“Let’s go inside!”
Inside, there was a smaller white room. In the middle was a bed. Almost like a hospital, it gave a
faint smell of sterilization.
Beside the bed, the mysterious girl that wandered into the room was there. She looked just like
Kirigiri. Big surprise that there’s someone in here.
“Who are you?” She asked.
“Um… good evening. Uh, my car croaked and exploded, and then…” I got flustered when I was
asked to explain all of a sudden. Right, I needed to leave this to Kirigiri.
“I brought you all the way here so that you could save her.”
I turned around, but Kirigiri wasn’t there. “Huh?”
“Um, you’re alone, you know.”
I looked all around the room. I couldn’t find Kirigiri. I noticed a person now sleeping in the middle
of the bed. I looked closely. Kirigiri was right there.
“Huh!? What is this?”
“Could it be that you were called here by my big sister and got lost in this mansion?”
“Big sister?”
“Yeah. My name is Kyouka. My big sister, Kyoko isn’t related by blood to me, but this and that
happened and we sorta became like siblings.”
“I was talking with her just now though.”
“I think that was probably an illusion. Big sister has been sleeping here for many years now.”
“Illusion? That’s crazy.”
“They happen from time to time. People who get invited to this mansion, by someone who looks
just like big sister, get lost in here.”
“They don’t just look like her, it was her.” I point to Kirigiri who was on the bed.
“Did she ever say her name?”

“Uh, no doubt about it.”
“I see… There’s been many people, like you, who have been led astray in this mansion, but
none have come into this room. You’re the first.”
“She led me to this door.”
“If so, then you must be the person of truth.”
“Person of truth?”
“Big sister had been active as a detective for quite some time, but ever since having to face lies
and fabrications for so long, she’s been wanting to avert her eyes from reality. She plays 15
hours a day on an online game and makes all her money from reselling on online markets and
managing an online store. She only leaves her room in order to use the bathroom.”
“That’s enough!…”
“From then, she said she’s grown tired of living. She lay on the bed and never woke up since.”
“Is she only sleeping?”
“I don’t know if you can call it sleeping, but she’s averting her eyes from reality. The only thing
that can awaken her is this world’s truth. No matter what lies or deception this world has, there
is an assured truth that is called hope. You need to show her that.”
“But… how am I supposed to do that? She’s still sleeping?”
“You should know by now, shouldn’t you? It’s a kiss. You’re the prince who’s supposed to bring
her back awake with a kiss.”
“You’re being a bit overbearing right now…”
“Do you not want to? Even though you could kiss someone this beautiful? Even though you
could kiss someone so easily? Even though you could do whatever you want with them?”
“I don’t know why you’re getting so excited about it… It’s not like I’m the only person of truth.”
“You won’t know unless you try it! Hurry up and do what you want! Huff, huff…”
What’s with this kid? Is she into that kind of thing? “Okay, I get it. But if she doesn’t wake up,
don’t go complaining to me.”
“I won’t complain, but I might file a complaint to the police.”
“Hey! Well then I won’t do it!”
“I’m kidding, sorry. I thought that might persuade you a bit more.” All of a sudden, Kyouka had a
video camera out of nowhere.
“Don’t record this!”
“Don’t worry, I won’t upload it to the net.”
“Will she really wake up from this?”
I got closer to the bed. Kirigiri was breathing quietly with her eyes closed. She really was
beautiful. When I thought that, I got more nervous. I may not have a chance like this again. So I
might actually be lucky…”
I wiped away the hair on her cheek, and then softly with her lips…
A: I nonchalantly muttered the words “truth” from my mouth.
B: I did a kiss that would be talked about for ages to come.
C: I gave her a childlike peck kiss.
>juicedup14 chooses A
I nonchalantly muttered the words “truth” from my mouth. All of a sudden, her eyes opened and
she looked right at me.

“Are you okay?” She looked at me and said “Breathe slowly.”
Huh? I was looking at her just before but… our positions were upside down now. I realized that I
was laying on the ground and she’s right beside me, kneeling. This wasn’t in a room or on top of
a bed. I’m on top of the wet grass. I’m outside.
“Oh good… the CPR worked.” Kirigiri had both of her hands on my chest. It seemed like she
was doing CPR on me.
“Wha? What happened?”
“You were in an accident, and you got thrown out of your car. You stopped breathing for a
“Oh… is that what happened…”
So what I saw was just a dream?
But I still felt the sensation of touching lips. That real softness. That couldn’t have been a dream.
Wait… CPR? My breathing stopped. Artificial respiration! That’s it! If she was trying to save my
life, then she was giving me respiration. I see, I could remember that feeling. I really was lucky.
“Oh, can you breathe now?”
I heard a voice.

When I turned my face, I saw the gate of the mansion, and someone coming out from it.
“An ambulance will be here any minute.”
“How good. Don’t worry, his name is Shikiba-san. He’s someone who’s studying plants in this
Wait… could it be…
“Good thing you’re safe. It’s all because I gave you CPR. Hahaha….”
You’re kidding… I don’t want this reality!
I fell unconscious one more time.
“Are you okay?”
My shoulders were being shaken, and I opened my eyes. I saw that Kirigiri was in the seat next
to me, looking over to me. And that’s when the after-school bell rang.
Ah, this better be reality, I hope… My hand was gripping Kirigiri as we left the classroom.
“Now, let’s go solve the mystery of today’s case.”
Extra Scenario: Cleared
Route 7 out of 8 complete

((juicedup14 once again goes through the true end, but now has to make a choice.))
In front of that great tree, a group of white flowers were blossoming in a circle, surrounding the
place where we buried Kyouka. And in the middle of that was a girl standing there, wearing a
white, one piece dress.
A: I tried to talk to her, but I stopped.
B: I tried to talk to her.

>juicedup14 chooses B
I talked to her. “Could it be that you are Kyouka?”
She turned around. She tilted her head and looked over here. There’s no doubt about it, it’s her.
Although it didn’t seem like she knew me. I wasn’t surprised when I thought about that night.
“Oh… I’m sorry, it’s just that I know someone who looks like you. I thought you were someone
else.” I scratched my head and tried to leave, but then she talked to me. “Please wait. I think… I
feel like I know you.”
“If you don’t mind… do you think you could tell me about this Kyouka person?”
She got into the passenger seat of my car.
It seemed that she didn’t have any memory of the past. The only things she knew were the
forest and the place where the white flowers bloomed.
“Where should I start…”
While driving, little by little I talked about what happened that day.
When we were at the exit of the forest, I saw a familiar looking girl standing by the side of the
road. Her face was very similar to the girl sitting in the passenger seat. “It’s Kyoko Kirigiri!” What
a coincidence this was. I stopped the car.
“Oh, what a coincidence.”
“I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”
“But you don’t have any reason to look for me.” Kirigiri noticed the girl sitting on the passenger
seat. “Maybe that’s her…”
“Yeah, probably from that time.”
“I see….”
“This is perfect. Do you mind talking to her about the past? You probably remember much more
about that than I do.”

“…I understand.” Kirigiri got in the car and we headed to the city.
From their conversation in the car, they both got along with each other.
“It'd be better if you wore some nicer clothes. I can pick some for you.”
“Really? I’m so happy!”
Looking at them both shopping in the city together, they seemed like sisters.
“What about these clothes?”
“Oh, how amazing! But, it’s a bit revealing…”
“You should be proud of that, because you have…”
“What? Tell me.”
“It’s nothing!” Kirigiri blushed and looked away. It seemed like they were having a lot of fun.

Plant Girl Another End Cleared
All routes clear.
The End

Thanks for reading! ((Thought this song sums up the main route and canon Santa very
well. Hope you enjoy, and stay on the lookout for our other projects!))